Asgard between myth and reality

Ásgarðr (in Norse, often anglicized as Asgard) is in Norse mythology the home of the Æsir, separate from the world of mortals, Miðgarðr. Originally the world we call Ásaheimr was called Godheimr (home of the gods), but, as was the case with Miðgarðr, early researchers confused the word for “gods” with that of its main caste, and Godheimr became Ásgarðr in most sources. The walls surrounding Ásgarðr were built by a giant (often identified as an ice giant), who was to receive Freyja and the sun and moon as his bride in return. This was as long as the work was completed within six months and without any help from outsiders. Svaðilfœri the giant’s horse, was allowed to be used by the gods, but this particular horse was an exceptional worker, and could run twice as fast as his master.To avoid honoring the agreement, Loki lured the giant’s magic horse away, transforming himself into a mare. The work was not completed in time and the gods, therefore, evaded payment. Thor killed the giant and when Loki came out of the forest he gave birth to Sleipnir, the best of all horses, which became the steed of Odin.

Asgard is the residence of Odin, king of the gods. Odin, is not only the father of Thor, but is the father of the gods and the main deity of Germanic religion and mythology. He who will lead, according to legend, gods and men against the forces of chaos in the last battle, when there will be the end of the world called, Ragnarök. And God will be killed by the wolf Fenrir, only to be avenged by Viðarr who will tear his jaws open after putting his foot in his throat. (a legend just far from the reality of the bible by the way!). An important temple dedicated to Odin, stood in Sweden in the county of Uppsala 70 km north of Stockholm where there is also one of the largest cathedrals, in Gothic style, of northern Europe, as well as being the site of a royal castle of the sixteenth century. In the temple where the Swedish monarchs were crowned, in February every nine years, human sacrifices took place and the bodies were then hung on the branches of the sacred forest near the temple. A ritual long 9 days, involving all Swedes, Christians, not to participate, paid by law a tribute.

So Asgard can be said for sure to be in a cold place? Indeed, even in the animated series of “The Knights of Asgard” it is a cold and icy place. The Knights of Asgard appear in two anime series: the Knights of Zodiac and Saint Seya – Soul of Gold (the less known series in which the golden knights, after having just died to break down the wall that separates Pegasus and his companions from the Elysian Fields, are reborn in their own bodies but in a different place, in Asgard for a battle parallel to the one against Hades that involves Athena and the others). The knights of Asgard are the warriors who protect Odin and the priestess Ilda of Polaris by also wearing armor (called Robe, robes of the god). In the Soul of Gold series, the knights of Asgard, are appointed by the new and mysterious priest Andreas and, unlike the first, draw their additional strength from their land thanks to Yggdrasi

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