What is the default currency?

Being based in Italy, our default currency is Euro, however, for your convenience and saving, we do have a currency translator which automatically sets the prices according to your location, this is the reason why you see prices, not rounded and with decimals.

Do you ship internationally? Do you offer Free shipping?

Yes, We do ship worldwide. The reason why we do not offer free shipping is very simple, there is no free shipping, the cost of shipping will be incorporated in the item cost. But there is a catch, if you buy multiple items you will pay the shipping 2x, 3x, or more times. Let’s say an item cost is 15 usd + 5 usd for shipping.

The seller offering free shipping will list the item at 20usd with free shipping. Let’s say you buy 2 or more items from that seller, you are going to spend 5, 10 or even 15 usd more (if you buy 4 items) which is frankly quite a lot more. My example was made on a 5 usd shipping cost, which is quite cheap for international shipping, this amount can be much more and so the extra money you spend, if you buy multiple items.

In my case, no matter how many items you buy, you’ll spend always the same amount for shipping. Free shipping was invented by the big online stores (Etsy, Ebay, Amazon) to make more money. This is another reason why we left Etsy, we do not want to work for greedy companies.

If you want more visibility on their platform you have to offer free shipping, so they can make more money at the buyer’s expense.

Do you ship to freight forwarding companies?

Yes, but at the checkout, you must choose REGISTERED MAIL, this is mandatory or your order will be canceled without prior notice.

How long does it take to receive my order? 

All orders ship out in 1-2 business days from Italy. Please understand that once an order is placed it cannot be canceled, because usually, we start processing your order as soon as is received.

The average transit time to USA is 4-15 business days with Priority Mail, Registered Mail 5-15 business days, For Europe is 3-7 business days for both Priority Mail and Registered Mail. Asia & Australia/New Zealand 7-20 business days.

Please kindly understand that these are only estimates and every shipping is different, in some cases, they can take longer, quite rare though.

What kind of shipping do you offer?

Priority Mail and Registered Mail, the latter is fully tracked (except Australia & Canada) and it comes with a default insurance against loss of 35usd. Priority Mail cannot be tracked, so once is dispatched I cannot tell you where your order is. For EU orders we can also offer USP courier, contact us for a quote.

Please be aware that I cannot guarantee the exact date of delivery, the delivery date is always an estimate.

What are your shipping rates?

Priority Mail to EU is 3.99 euros, Registered Mail is 9.50 euros.

North/South America, Asia and most of the other countries: Priority mail is 5 euros and Registered Mail 10.50.

Australia / New Zealand Priority Mail is 6 euros and Registered Mail  11.50 euros.

These are flat rates and the price does not increase when you buy multiple items. For some countries with a not safe postal service, the cheaper service, priority mail, is not available

Any taxes or duties are the responsibility of the buyer.

What is your Exchange & Return Policy?

Customized items: Please kindly note that customized items cannot be exchanged or returned. An item is considered custom, when you can choose the leather color, the wrist circumference, the necklace length and so on.

Each item we sell has usually one or more options, making room for a lot of different combinations and almost impossible to resell it.

For this reason, we have to stick to this rule.

Hope you understand. However, if you have any problems, contact us and I’m sure we can find a solution.

Items with no variations can be returned within 14 days, if unworn and clearly in brand new condition.