Manifest Abundance with Abundance Runes

abundance runes

Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a cycle of financial scarcity? No matter how hard you work, money always seems tight. Manifesting more abundance can be challenging, especially if you’re not entirely sure where to start. This is where ancient tools like abundance runes can come in handy!


Abundance runes are lesser-known runic symbols that originate from Norse mythology. While runes like the famous Elder Futhark are used for divination, abundance runes have a more focused purpose – to draw in prosperity and wealth.

Each rune represents a different facet of abundance, whether it’s increasing your cash flow, attracting new opportunities, or cultivating an abundant mindset. When used properly, abundance runes act like a magnet, pulling wealth and resources your way.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll dive into how you can work with abundance runes to upgrade your money mindset and manifest more financial freedom.

We’ll explore the history and meaning of these powerful symbols, as well as actionable tips for choosing, activating, and charging your runes.

You’ll also learn sample rituals and spells for magnifying your intention with abundance runes.

So if you feel stuck in lack and limitation, abundance runes could be the key, these mystical symbols open up channels of prosperity by aligning your energetic vibration with abundance.

Are you ready to unlock the secret power of runes and start calling in more wealth for yourself? Let’s get started!

The Origins and Meanings of Norse Runes

Runes originated long ago as symbols used by ancient Norse and Germanic tribes for writing, divination, and magic. The earliest runic alphabets emerged sometime around the 1st to 2nd century CE.

Rather than smoothly curving lines, runes consist of sharp angles and straight marks that could be readily carved into stone or wood.

Rök runestone

The Rök runestone found in Sweden is one of the most famous runestones

Each rune signified a letter but also encompassed a whole word beginning with that letter, plus deeper meanings and properties related to the word.

For instance, the rune Fehu stood for the letter F, the word “cattle”, and the concept of wealth. More than just an alphabet, runes were thought to hold mystical powers and provide guidance.

People would consult them to gain insights about the past, present, and future.

The unique shapes and meanings of each rune provided tools for rituals, charms, and other magical arts. Today, runes are still used in practices like runecasting to tap into their ancient wisdom.

While their original forms have evolved over centuries, runes continue to be revered as both pragmatic and spiritual symbols.

tiwaz rune viking bracelet

You can personalize it with the abundance rune that truly speaks to your character and beliefs

Abundance Runes

Abundance runes specifically harness runic energy to manifest wealth and prosperity.

Each rune represents a different aspect of abundance. Some of the most common abundance runes are:


rune fehu

This rune symbolizes movable wealth and income. It connects to the energy of prosperity itself. Fehu helps attract money from expected and unexpected sources. When focused on finances, harness Fehu to draw additional income streams, new job opportunities, prosperity in business, and general windfalls. Use Fehu’s power to energize spells or rituals aimed at increasing wealth.


rune jera

Jera represents the cycle of harvests and rewards for efforts over time. It brings about financial increase through gradual growth. This rune is tied to the energy of patience, hard work, and foresight. Jera assists in manifesting long-term abundance through diligent planning, persistence, and perfectly timed action. Meditate on Jera when you need to align with the natural cycles of expansion and contraction in your finances. Use it to develop wisdom around money management.


rune dagaz

Dagaz is the rune of breakthrough, increase, and transformation. It carries strong energy to chart a new course to prosperity. Dagaz brings radical positive change and windfalls. When you need a sudden infusion of unexpected fortune, focus on Dagaz. Its light can reveal new career opportunities, inspire fresh entrepreneurial ideas that bear fruit, and attract help from beneficial allies. Dagaz can eclipse stagnation with vital flashes of insight that change your financial outlook.


rune wunjo

This rune is connected to success, achievement, and emotional fulfillment. Wunjo supports enjoying the fruits of your labor and being content with abundant blessings. After manifesting prosperity, call on Wunjo to find happiness and security in your newfound stability and wealth. Allow its harmonizing energy to help you manage responsibilities that come with increase. Wunjo keeps abundance in a spirit of modesty and gratitude.


rune eihwaz

Eihwaz symbolizes strength, endurance, and overcoming challenges. It provides the power to persist through difficulty on the path toward prosperity. When you encounter setbacks, delays, or doubts in achieving financial goals, Eihwaz bolsters your determination. Its rugged energy helps develop self-discipline and grit. Lean on Eihwaz when you need to push past obstacles on the road to abundance.


rune sowilo or sowulo

Representing the life-giving sun, Sowilo boosts vitality, confidence, and success. It shines light on new abundance opportunities. Sowilo lends the optimism and inspiration needed to take risks that increase prosperity. By activating its solar power, you achieve clarity on the next steps toward establishing wealth. Sowilo helps ideas come to fruition and good fortune to bloom.


rune othila othala

When you think “abundance,” objects like piles of gold coins may come to mind. But abundance can show up in many forms – financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual.

The ancient Norse rune Othala embodies the concept of “inherited wealth.” This includes both tangible assets like property, land, and money, as well as intangible riches like family, ancestry, and community ties.

Othala represents stability and security derived from what is passed down to us from previous generations. In the modern world, we may not receive lavish inheritances of gold and jewels.

As you can see, abundance runes work together to generate wealth on all levels – monetary, spiritual, emotional, and energetic. By combining runes, you amplify the magnetic energy of financial attraction.

runes necklace

Choosing Your Abundance Runes

When selecting abundance runes, consider your specific intentions and goals. Ask yourself:

  • What form of abundance do I most need to manifest right now? Is it a cash infusion, financial stability, career success, or something else?
  • Which runic energies align with my situation? For example, Fehu for increasing income, or Jera for long-term growth.
  • Do I need help overcoming inner or outer obstacles to abundance? If so, Eihwaz could provide empowering strength.
  • How can I balance different runic energies? For instance, combining the quick benefits of Fehu with the lasting gains of Jera.

Take time to meditate on your financial situation and the energetic shifts you would like to make. Choose two to three runes that can work together to transform scarcity into abundance.

You may also consider creating a bindrune – fusing together two or more runes to concentrate their power. Sketch runes overlapping to blend their energies. For example, bind Fehu and Jera for increasing income that leads to long-term wealth.

mjolnir necklace with rune

Activating and Charging Your Abundance Runes

Once you’ve chosen your abundance runes, you’ll want to activate and charge them. Here are some tips:

  • Cleanse the runes with incense or sound to purify them energetically. You may also wash them in natural water.
  • Empower each rune by drawing it slowly while focusing your intention. Visualize wealth pouring in as you trace the rune.
  • Chant the rune name several times aloud or silently to magnify its vibrational power. You can also chant affirmations.
  • Expose your runes to the Sun to absorb bright solar energy. Allow them to charge in moonlight to tap into yin manifestation power.
  • Annoint runes with essential oils like cinnamon and pine to stimulate energy flow. Patchouli and frankincense amplify spiritual abundance.
  • Place runes on your altar, money bowl, or other sacred space where you can send intentional blessings.

By regularly recharging runes this way, you strengthen your connection with their prosperous properties.

Rituals, Spells & More With Abundance Runes

Now for the exciting part – putting your runes into action! Here are just some of the ways you can incorporate them into rituals and spells:

  • Create an abundance rune grid for manifestation. Carefully place your charged runes on a grid in a diamond, square, or circular pattern. Sit meditating on the grid and visualize the reality you desire to attract.
  • Craft runic talismans filled with prosperity herbs, oils, and crystals. Carry these or keep them in your home or office to radiate a wealth energy field.
  • Inscribe runes onto green candles with focused intention. Burn the candles to release your abundance intention into the cosmos.
  • Make monetary herb sachets with runes placed inside. Include herbs like cinnamon, chamomile, and mint. Keep the sachet in your wallet or purse to boost your spending power.
  • Design vision boards or altars incorporating your runes. Surrounding runes with abundance imagery and objects reinforces your intentions.
  • Take ritual baths or showers using essential oils, salt, herbs, and runes. Visualize any limiting money beliefs being washed away.

Feel free to get creative and combine runes with other magical tools. The more you interact with your runes, the stronger your manifestation power grows.

rune necklace algiz

Troubleshooting When Runes Don’t Seem to Work

In some cases, you may feel your runes aren’t generating results. Don’t lose hope! Here are tips for troubleshooting:

  • Examine your expectations. Are they unrealistic? Adjust to more incremental abundance goals.
  • Check your energetic blocks. Do you harbor limiting beliefs or money fears subconsciously sabotaging the runes? Address these.
  • Evaluate your effort and methods. For example, do you need to cleanse your runes more frequently or use them more actively?
  • Switch up your rune choices or combine with new ones like Sowilo for renewed momentum.
  • Make sure you are properly activating and charging runes. Add more rounds of consecration rituals.
  • Balance patience with persistence. Remain consistent in your rune practice while detaching from timelines.
  • Express gratitude for any small signs of progress or prosperity. Appreciation accelerates abundance.

With consistent, mindful effort, abundance runes can reprogram your money mindset and unlock deep wells of prosperity within. But don’t hesitate to adjust your approach if needed. Experiment until you find what resonates most.


Faq Abundance Runes

How do you manifest with runes?

You can manifest desires using runes by clearly setting your intention, selecting relevant runes, invoking their energies through rituals, spellwork, or meditation, and trusting the process. Runes help align your consciousness and actions to attract what you seek.

What is the best rune for manifesting?

For manifesting overall, Jera which means “harvest” and signifies cycles aligning to fulfillment is a strong choice. Specific runes can be selected based on the type of desire.

How do you manifest correctly?

Effective manifestation requires clearly defining your desire, removing internal blocks, elevating your vibration through alignment practices, taking inspired action, detaching from timelines, and expressing gratitude as if your wish is already fulfilled.

What are the symbols for manifesting?

Common symbols used for manifesting include crystals like quartz, bay leaves, candles, sigils, money or abundance imagery, vision boards, seeds, and imagery representing your specific goal.

How do you manifest something immediately?

While most manifestation requires patience and care, practices like scripting as if your desire is already real, burning bay leaves to release intention, and going into a high vibration alpha state through meditation can provide quick results.

Can prosperity symbols and signs help you build wealth?

Yes, intentionally using symbolic representations of abundance like runes, color gold, coins, etc. can reinforce a prosperity mindset and energetically attract wealth over time.

Can you utilize the Law of Attraction with objects?

You can use objects as focal points for intentions, meditations, rituals, or affirmations, which combine with other attraction practices to magnify manifestation power. Objects help anchor the energy.


Abundance runes hold profound potential for transforming your financial situation and attracting wealth. By tapping into the potent energies contained within these ancient symbols, you can overcome scarcity mindsets and limiting beliefs holding you back. With the right rune combination and practices, you unlock the power to manifest more prosperity in all its forms.

This beginner’s guide covers the origins, meanings, and methods for working with abundance runes. Finding the runes aligned to your personal goals allows you to chart a new course of money magnetism. Charging and activating your runes amplifies their vibrational pull. Creative rituals, grids, and spells will help you interact with runic power – just remember to persist and troubleshoot obstacles as needed.

Whether you desire increased income, career success, or simply an abundant outlook, abundance runes are here to help. Approach them with focus, intention, and faith in their mystical properties. Be open to receiving wealth and prosperity in surprising ways. As you elevate your money mindset and energy, you’ll attract the perfect opportunities at the perfect time.

Abundance is your true nature – abundance runes can help unlock what is already within you. Will you dare to tap into their magic and transform scarcity into an overflow of prosperity? The possibilities are rich when you begin embracing your innate power to manifest.

The conclusion summarizes key points and calls readers to action in an inspiring way. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this conclusion further. I’m happy to refine things until the article outline is helpful for your needs.

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