Infinity Symbol Spiritual Meaning: Insights and Significance

Infinity Symbol Spiritual Meaning

The infinity symbol is one of the most intriguing and iconic symbols across cultures and spiritual traditions. At its core, this simple yet profound symbol represents the concept of eternity, endless possibility, and the timeless nature of the universe.

But when we look deeper, the infinity symbol holds a much richer spiritual meaning and significance. Beyond just mathematical infinity, this ubiquitous sign is embedded with layers of symbolism relating to harmony, duality, interconnectedness, and wholeness.

The origins of the infinity symbol wind back thousands of years to ancient spiritual practices and belief systems. From the Ouroboros of Ancient Egypt to the philosophical debates of Greek mathematicians, many ancient cultures grappled with the elusive concept of infinity.

The famous sideways figure eight as we know it today was first introduced in 1655, but the philosophical and spiritual significance of infinity extends far beyond mathematics.

Across religions, cultures and time periods, the infinity symbol has represented concepts such as perfection, balance, and the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. It evokes the timelessness and boundless potential of the human imagination and spirit.

In our modern world, the infinity symbol has become a ubiquitous sign representing eternal love between partners, close friendships, unity of family, and faith in a higher power. It adorns jewelry, tattoos, artwork and décor with its elegant symmetrical loops suggesting the interconnection and harmony between all things.

This article will trace the origins and history of the infinity symbol across cultures and spiritual traditions.

We’ll explore the symbolism and meaning it has carried throughout the ages, and reflect on the timeless messages this magical sign can inspire in our own lives. The infinity symbol truly captures the imagination and invites us to contemplate the endless mysteries of the universe.


Origins and History of the Infinity Symbol

The earliest known depiction of the infinity concept comes from Ancient Egypt in the form of the Ouroboros – the image of a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. The Ouroboros was first seen in Egypt in the 14th century BC, appearing in royal tombs and Egyptian art.


This mystical symbol represented the endless cycle of birth and death, with the serpent eating its own tail being symbolic of eternity and continual renewal. The ancient Egyptians saw the Ouroboros as an embodiment of the circularity and cycles of nature and the cosmos.

In the Greek magical tradition, the Ouroboros was adopted around 400 AD and became associated with the philosophy of unity and infinity through Henmeticism and Gnosticism.

The Greek philosophical schools also pondered the concept of infinity, with debates arising between philosophers like Pythagoras and Plato who argued that the universe could be explained through finite numbers and values, while others argued reality extended to infinity.

The sideways figure eight symbol that we recognize today as the infinity sign was first introduced in 1655 by the English mathematician John Wallis. Wallis was inspired by the Roman numeral for 1000 – CIƆ – which resembles the infinity symbol. He used the sideways 8 to represent a quantity without end in his mathematical computations.

John Wallis

This was a revolutionary concept that shocked the sensibilities of other famous philosophers like Aristotle and Descartes who argued that only God could encompass the infinite.

John Wallis’ infinity symbol changed mathematics and philosophical thinking forever.

An important distinction is that the infinity symbol should not be confused with the lemniscate – the sideways figure eight shape. The lemniscate actually originated from the Greek mathematician Proclus who studied the curves formed by slicing a torus shape. So while the lemniscate and infinity symbol are variations of the same shape, they originated from different contexts.

The infinity symbol as we know it today emerged from mathematics, but its origins and history reveal a deep fascination with eternity across cultures. From Ancient Egypt, Greece and Hinduism to present day, this elegant shape encapsulates humanity’s relationship with the endless.

infinity necklace

Infinity Symbol Spiritual Meaning in Different Cultures

The infinity symbol holds unique meaning in a variety of spiritual traditions and cultures across the world.

  • Symbolism in Buddhism and Hinduism

In both Buddhism and Hinduism, the endless knot or eternal loop represents the interconnectedness of all things and the endless cycle of birth and rebirth. The ouroboros was incorporated into Hindu tradition, representing the universe’s constant recreation.

  • Celtic knots

In Celtic spirality art, knots are woven together without beginning or end as an emblem of eternity. These Celtic knots, such as the trinity and eternity knots, bare close resemblance to the infinity symbol and convey the meaning of an unending circle of life.

celtic knot

  • Meaning in Hermeticism, Gnosticism and Alchemy

In Chinese culture, the infinity loop is associated with the concept of yin and yang – the balance between opposing forces. The symbol embodies the harmony and unity between yin and yang energy.

The belief systems of Hermeticism and Gnosticism also attributed spiritual meaning to the ouroboros as a symbol of the soul of the world and eternity. Hermeticists believed all things were infinitely interconnected through a universal soul.

Alchemy, with its focus on transforming matter, saw the ouroboros as the ultimate goal of transcending death and mortal existence. Alchemists aimed to escape the endless cycle of physical death and rebirth that the ouroboros represented.

  • Ancient Greek philosophy on infinity

Ancient Greek philosophers were divided on the concept of infinity. Philosophers like Aristotle argued infinity only belonged to the divine realm while others like Zeno of Elea devised logical paradoxes to describe the infinite.

Across these cultures, civilizations and schools of thought, the infinity loop inspired awe as a representation of life’s mysteries and domains greater than human comprehension. The shared fascination with infinity and looping cycles reveals an innate human intuition about the endlessness of time and space.

These varied cultural meanings of the infinity symbol remind us of life’s interconnectedness and the existence of forces beyond mortal limits. The symbol beautifully captures the shared human imagination across cultures.

Infinity Symbol Spiritual Meaning in Modern Times

Harmony and Balance

The elegant symmetry of the infinity loops evokes a sense of harmony and balance. In a world of seemingly opposing forces – light and darkness, masculine and feminine, good and evil – the lemniscate reminds us to embrace the dance between dualities. Just as the yin-yang symbolizes the interplay of complementary opposites, the infinity symbol represents achieving equilibrium in the tensions of life.

The balanced shape empowers us to find a centered calm within, just as the symbol flows evenly in a continuous, balanced rhythm. In times of chaos and upheaval, meditating on the harmonious loops can help restore an inner stability and poise.

Unity and Interconnectedness

The two loops of the infinity symbol intertwine endlessly to signify the interconnectedness of all beings and all life. We are all part of the same flowing stream, connected through bonds seen and unseen. When we cause hurt to another, we ultimately only hurt ourselves. But when we act with compassion towards others, that compassion returns to uplift us as well.

The infinite loops remind us that our actions radiate outward in widening ripples, touching those we may never meet or see. We are in this together, part of the same eternal cycle. Choosing kindness and living in unity with this awareness brings hope.

Everlasting Love

One of the most popular modern associations with the infinity symbol is everlasting love, commitment and deep friendship. The unbroken loops signify bonds that last through ups and downs, challenges and triumphs.


Partners exchange infinity jewelry, tattoos and other symbols to represent their undying affection across the years. The emblem offers comfort that even when physically apart, some relationships are unbreakable at the soul. Lovers speak of “infinity and beyond” to capture the enduring span of true love.

infinity bracelet

Faith in Divine and Endless Love

For people of faith, the infinity loop imparts the comfort of God’s eternal love and presence. Adding a cross creates the infinity cross, symbolizing salvation through Christ and Christianity’s promise of forever life after death.

Hinduism and Buddhism also associate the endless knot with reincarnation and the infinity of the soul. The lemniscate, with neither beginning nor end, reminds believers to place their faith in divine love without limits. Just as God’s care continues infinitely, so must our faith persist regardless of earthly trials and tribulations.

Inner Strength, Healing, and Guidance

On a personal level, the infinity emblem represents the strength humans find in stillness, meditation and looking within. The repetitive loops suggest the inward focus and awakening born from contemplation.

There is an inner wisdom accessible to all – an infinite reservoir of peace, joy and guidance to help weather life’s storms. The infinity symbol empowers us to nurture this inner light and find tranquility in the face of anxiety and suffering.

The shape offers comfort that we always have a choice – to sink into destructive habits, or to tap into an infinite inner power and let it guide us to make positive changes.

knotted infinity bracelet

Infinite Human Potential

The never-ending flow of the infinity loops serves as a metaphor for the unlimited potential within each person. Like the repeating twists and turns of the lines, our capacity for learning, growing and pursuing our purpose never ceases.

There is always more that can be done, more truth that can be learned, more mountains than can be climbed. The infinity symbol carries an aspirational message – we must keep persevering, dreaming and reaching even when the path seems long. Just as the loops extend endlessly, so does our human potential.

Possibility and New Beginnings

Finally, the soothing symmetry of the infinity shape reminds us to embrace each moment as an opportunity to start anew. Beginnings and endings blur in the endless rhythm. There are always second chances and new paths that open when we need them most.

The lemniscate’s balance and flow impart a message of hope. In a frenzied world, the iconic symbol asks us to pause and remember life’s joys and possibilities. There is a restorative power in its elegance and simplicity.

By meditating on this infinite emblem, we feel empowered to realize our dreams, nurture our loved ones and keep aiming for our highest selves, one day at a time. The infinity loops breathe with the promise of now and forever.

In summary, the modern infinity symbol represents:

  • Finding balance and harmony
  • Interconnectedness of all beings
  • Everlasting love and relationships
  • Faith in divine and endless love
  • Inner strength, healing and guidance
  • Realizing our infinite human potential
  • Embracing each moment’s endless possibilities

The timeless, flowing loops symbolize unity, harmony and hope in an anxious world. The infinity emblem empowers us to nurture the endless divine within.

Infinity Symbol in Fashion and Jewelry

The elegance and deeper meaning of the infinity symbol have made it widely popular in modern fashion and jewelry design. Its simple beauty and reflective symbolism lend themselves beautifully to accessories that can be worn every day.

Popularity in Jewelry

The infinity emblem features prominently in necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and more. Its symmetric loops perfectly accentuate the natural curves of jewelry. The meaning also adds significant personal value.

small infinity bracelet

Partners gift each other infinity jewelry to represent their enduring love. The symbol becomes a tangible reminder of their bond when apart. Friends may share matching infinity bracelets or necklaces to signify their infinite support for each other.

infinity leather bracelet

Beyond relationships, the symbol represents limitless possibilities to the wearer. An infinity pendant serves as an uplifting accessory – a reminder to embrace life’s beauty, believe in human potential, and savor each moment. The looping emblem evokes an aura of harmony and resilience.

Double Infinity Heart

The double infinity heart is created by interlocking two infinity symbols to form a heart shape in the center. This variation holds deep significance representing eternal love and commitment between two people.

The double loops signify each partner, while the heart binds them together. The unending emblem reflects the longevity of true love and overcoming life’s ups and downs as one.

Couples often select double infinity heart jewelry to exchange during weddings, anniversaries, engagements or other occasions to reaffirm their affection. It makes for a meaningful gift expressing, “You have my infinity love.”

Meaning in tattoos

Infinity tattoos have also grown in popularity, especially among young people looking for meaningful body art. The symbol’s elegance lends itself to delicate and minimalist tattoo designs.

Placed on the wrist, finger, behind the ear or foot, the infinity loop serves as a permanent reminder to the wearer of their ideals and convictions. It evokes their connection to something larger than themselves.

infinity tattoos on wrist

An infinity tattoo serves as a mantra of empowerment. Whether reminding of one’s loving bonds with others or infinite inner potential, this sacred symbol holds deep resonance in ink form. The looping emblem beautifies and enriches the body as a spiritual adornment.

From fine jewelry to body art, the infinity symbol adds deeper meaning and timeless style. In both fashion and philosophy, this mystical shape retains its magic and appeal across the ages.

Numerology Significance of the Infinity Symbol

In addition to its many meanings, the infinity symbol has numerological significance related to the number eight. The sideways lemniscate resembles the number eight, which lends certain symbolic meanings.

Association with Number Eight

In numerology, the number eight represents concepts like wealth, authority, and cosmic balance. As the highest single digit, it signifies worldly success and status. At the same time, eight symbolizes karma and the universal struggle between good and evil.

When turned on its side to become the infinity symbol, the power of the number eight is amplified to an infinite level. It evolves from merely material power to the infinite energy of the cosmos.

Some spiritual traditions also ascribe significance to the number eight. In Hinduism, it is connected with regenerative power and resurrection. The eighth chakra above the body’s seven energy centers represents infinite consciousness.

Buddhism sees eight as the number of transcendence, while Judaism relates it to spiritual enlightenment. The infinity symbol pulls in these connotations of the number eight denoting transcendence of mortal limits.

Meaning in Chinese Culture

Chinese culture places particular emphasis on the number eight as being the luckiest and most desired number. The word for eight, “ba”, sounds similar to the word meaning prosperity or wealth.

Because eight represents good fortune, addresses, phone numbers and prices containing eights are highly prized in China. The infinity loops are therefore also imbued with this meaning of luck and economic prosperity.

The symbol resonates with Chinese spiritual traditions as well. The eight Daoist immortals achieved enlightenment and everlasting life, so the infinite loops relate to pursuing immortality. The eight trigrams of the I Ching symbolize cosmic forces in Daoism, which eight and infinity represent without end.

So while the sideways eight of infinity originated in mathematics, numerology adds an extra layer of symbolism. In numerous cultures, the visual link between eight and infinity connects deeper spiritual aspirations for balance and enlightenment.


When Was the infinity symbol first used?

The origins of the infinity symbol can be traced back to 1655, when the English mathematician John Wallis first introduced the sideways figure-eight in a mathematical text. However, the deeper philosophical concept of infinity originated much earlier in ancient cultures like Egypt, Greece, and Asia. The Ouroboros symbol of a snake eating its tail dates back to Egyptian and Greek antiquity.

Where did the word infinity come from?

The English word infinity comes from the Latin “infinitas” meaning unboundedness or having no limits. The Latin infinitas in turn was derived from the poetic use of the word infinitus, meaning “unbounded, unlimited, endless”. So the roots of the word capture the essence of the infinity concept.

What is the Meaning of the Swedish Malin symbol?

The Swedish Malin is an infinity symbol with an arrow breaking through the center. It represents overcoming challenges and breaking through barriers in order to grow. The arrow signifies that we need to pass through difficulties and setbacks in order to progress and evolve in life. It’s a reminder to persist through hardships.

Should you wear an infinity symbol in the form of bracelets?

Yes, infinity bracelets and jewelry have become a popular way to accessorize with a personally meaningful symbol. The infinity symbol represents limitless love, possibilities and harmony so wearing it can remind the wearer of those uplifting ideals. It looks fashionable while also conveying spiritual significance. An infinity bracelet makes for a thoughtful gift for a loved one as well.

Is infinity a good luck sign?

Infinity can represent good fortune, prosperity and new beginnings. In Chinese culture in particular, the number eight is seen as very lucky and the infinity symbol inherits this auspicious meaning. The never-ending loops suggest positive karma and rebirth rather than misfortune. So while not universally considered a “good luck” symbol, the infinity emblem does generally carry optimistic overtones.

What is the benefits of the infinity symbol?

Some key benefits and positive meanings of the infinity emblem are:

  • Represents eternal, unending love
  • Signifies harmony, balance and unity
  • Connotes spiritual awakening and rebirth
  • Suggests positive karma and good fortune
  • Reminds us of interconnectedness and oneness
  • Inspires us to embrace possibilities and potential
  • Evokes resilience, empowerment and hope

Final Foughts

The infinity symbol has captured our imagination across cultures and through the ages. This iconic twisted loop resonates deeply as a representation of eternity, interconnectedness, and harmony.

In reviewing the symbol’s origins and history, we’ve seen how ancient spiritual traditions expressed an innate fascination with the infinite. The ouroboros, Celtic knots, and philosophies of different civilizations point to this profound human intuition around eternal cycles, balance, and unity.

Each culture uncovered different facets of the infinity concept – from mathematical inquiry by Greek philosophers to symbolizing the Magnum Opus in alchemy. The lemniscate continued to evolve in meaning into modern times.

Today, the emblem has become ubiquitous in jewelry, body art, and design with its elegant symmetry. More than a decorative shape, it retains core spiritual significance representing relationships, personal growth, and our place in the cosmos.

In a fragmented world, the infinity loops offer reassurance of underlying connections between all beings. The timeless sign represents resilience, empowerment, and embracing life’s possibilities.

There is a comfort in the endlessness and balance epitomized in the infinity symbol. It invites us to contemplate and nurture the infinite potential within ourselves and each moment.

The next time you see this floating figure eight, consider all that its twisting trail signifies. Let it be a reminder to strive for harmony, cherish loving bonds, and keep exploring life’s mysteries. For in the infinity symbol’s reflection, we glimpse perspectives greater than our own.