Runes for Prosperity: Ancient Symbols to Attract Wealth

runes for prosperity

Runes for prosperity have long been an integral part of Norse mythology and spiritual practice. These ancient alphabetic symbols were thought to hold magical powers that could harness energies to attract wealth and abundance.

While runes served a practical purpose in writing and marking property, they also carried deeper meaning and wisdom.

Certain runes in the Norse alphabet deal directly with prosperity, and meditating on their symbols and meanings can help cultivate an abundant mindset.


A Brief Background on Norse Runes

To understand how runes relate to prosperity, it helps to start with some background on what runes are. The earliest runic alphabets emerged in Northern Europe around the 2nd to 1st century BCE. They served as a system of writing as well as a set of magical and philosophical symbols. Each rune signified a letter, but also encompassed a word, and a core concept or trait.

Runes had practical uses in daily life but also held mystic significance. Vikings and Germanic tribes carved them onto weapons, tools, and stones to mark ownership and offer protection.

Rök runestone

Rök runestone – Sweeden

Runic inscriptions recorded important events, lineages, and property rights. Runes played a role in ritual magic and were inscribed onto altars to invoke their unique energies. Specific runes were associated with different realms of life and types of power.

This interweaving of the tangible and intangible in Norse culture is reflected in the runes for prosperity. These runes deal with worldly wealth and abundance but also the mental patterns, spiritual insights, and magical forces that generate increase. By delving into their meanings, we can glean wisdom on creating prosperity in modern times.


Best Runes for Prosperity

When working with runes for prosperity, there are a few key rune symbols to focus on that relate specifically to wealth, abundance, and success. These runes have meanings connected to material needs, as well as emotional fulfillment. Using their energies can help build a sense of security and comfort while attracting prosperity.

Fehu – Rune of Wealth

rune fehu

The rune most directly associated with prosperity is Fehu. Its name stems from the Norse word for cattle and movable wealth. Beyond just symbolizing livestock, Fehu signifies the primal force of prosperity in all forms. As the first letter in the runic alphabet, it captures the essence of abundance.

Fehu governs the flow of income and exchange through sound business practice. When Fehu arises in a rune reading, it signals financial increase coming from skilled use of talents and resources.

This rune carries the magical power of wealth that nourishes body, mind and spirit. Its message is to foster wise management and circulation of possessions for the greater enrichment of self and community.

Wunjo – Rune of Joy

rune wunjo

In contrast to Fehu’s worldly wealth, Wunjo represents inner prosperity through harmony and delight. Its name derives from the Proto-Germanic term for joy and pleasure. Wunjo signifies comfort, enjoyment, and self-fulfillment. It teaches the importance of Aligning with your soul purpose to experience true abundance.

This rune offers a reminder that prosperity incorporates laughter, happiness, and an attitude of gratitude. It speaks to cultivating spiritual wealth through our thoughts, emotions, and frame of mind.

Wunjo provides guidance on appreciating the riches we already have rather than focusing on lack. By walking in joy and contentment, we magnetize even greater increase.

wunjo rune necklace

Jera – Rune of the Harvest

rune jera

Jera is the rune associated with cycles of nature and the rhythm of sowing and reaping. Its name comes from the Old Norse word “year”, reflecting its connection to the seasons. When Jera appears, it indicates a period of cultivation that will lead to an eventual harvest if patience and care is applied.

This rune represents the long-view approach to prosperity. Through steady effort and perseverance, we prepare the soil for future abundance. Jera counsels diligence in planning and perfectly timed action for prosperity to come to full fruition. Rather than quick returns, it signifies the wheel of life providing rewards in accord with divine timing.

Dagaz – Rune of Radiant Breakthrough

rune dagaz

The final rune tied to prosperity diverges from grounded effort into the realm of divine inspiration. Dagaz literally means “day” but symbolically signifies a dawning breakthrough or awakening of awareness. It represents a sudden infusion of prosperity through unexpected fortune or windfall.

When Dagaz arises, it signals that rigid control must yield to receive new blessings. This rune teaches prosperity can come through radical shifts beyond logical planning, by simply opening to inspiration from higher sources. Dagaz brings a flash of transforming light, eclipsing limitations and revealing abundant possibility where only obstacles were seen before.


Tips for Using Runes for Prosperity

There are many practical ways to tap into the energies of prosperity runes in your spiritual practices and daily life. Here are some effective tips:

  • Create rune talismans, charms and amulets carved or painted with symbols of Fehu, Jera, Wunjo, Dagaz or other prosperity runes. These can be placed in your wallet, purse or business to concentrate the attraction energies.
  • Meditate on the meanings of prosperity runes, channeling their powers to align your mindset with abundance. Visualize their symbols glowing as you repeat affirmations.
  • Place individual rune stones or displays of multiple runes connected to wealth in places like your office, workplace desk, or financial filing areas in the home.
  • Try using rune casting as a guide when making important financial decisions. For example, choose three prosperity runes, hold them in your hands to charge them, shuffle them in a pouch, then draw one as guidance.
  • Incorporate prosperity runes into spells, rituals and ceremonies focused on manifesting wealth. Runes can be used to imbue power into candle magic, sigils, and more.
  • Chant the names of runes like Fehu, Jera and Wunjo while practicing breathwork to strengthen your prosperity mindset.
  • Create a wealth altar or sacred space decorated with prosperity runes, related colors (green, gold, brown, red), crystals and symbols of abundance.

The goal when working with runes is to concentrate and direct their inherent energies towards a purpose. By displaying and engaging with prosperity runes regularly, their mystical influences begin to shape your subconscious beliefs and actions around money and success.

How to Perform a Simple Rune Ritual for Wealth

Now that you understand the meanings and uses of runes for prosperity, let’s look at a simple ritual you can perform at home to harness their power.

One effective ritual combines the energies of the Fehu and Wunjo runes in what is called a money bowl ritual. This channels their prosperous meanings to attract wealth.

What you’ll need:

  • A small bowl made from natural materials like wood, ceramic or stone
  • A candle (green, gold or white) dressed with prosperity oil
  • Fehu and Wunjo rune stones, or printed rune symbols on paper
  • Bay leaves, rice, and coins to symbolize wealth
  • Anointing oil, ingredients for ritual bath


  1. Cleanse the ritual space by sweeping, ringing a bell, burning sage or clapping. Light the dressed candle in the center of your altar or ritual space.
  2. Fill the bowl with a layer of bay leaves, a sprinkle of rice, Fehu and Wunjo runes stones/papers, and some coins. As you add each, visualize wealth and prosperity flowing your way.
  3. Hold your hands over the bowl and infuse it with your desires and intentions, chanting:

Fehu, Wunjo, bring abundance now, power of prosperity show me how.”

  1. Let the candle burn down while focusing on the coins, then pour them from the bowl into your wallet or purse to symbolize manifesting.
  2. Take a ritual bath afterward with prospering oils or herbs to internalize the energies.

Repeat this monthly during the full moon to amplify the power of your intention. Make sure to keep your purpose aligned with the greater good. The simple act of engaging with runes through ritual helps unlock their magic.

Beyond Runes – Cultivating the Runic Mindset

While runic symbols and spells provide tools for prosperity, their deeper power comes from the consciousness they represent. Each rune encapsulates a mindset and energetic vibration that aligns us with abundance. By internalizing the rune meanings, we transform the mental patterns blocking our success.

rune reading tips casting

For example, mediating on Fehu teaches us to freely give and receive, avoiding attachment. Wunjo develops gratitude for what we already have rather than focusing on lack. Jera brings patience and perseverance, aligning actions with cycles of nature. Dagaz shows us breakthrough arises when we move beyond rigid ego and open to grace.

Rather than quick fixes, the runes offer philosophical principles that shape our relationship to finances, work, time and possessions. They attune us to the natural cycles and intuitive wisdom governing true abundance. Internalizing the runic mindset magnetizes resources and opportunities by raising our energetic vibration.

The runes teach prosperity must grow from the inside out. No amount of money can substitute for the inner transformations that allow us to constructively handle wealth. The runes provide the blueprint for prosperity according to cosmic law. Their wisdom establishes firm foundations so abundance can blossom organically.

Living the lessons of the runes is a lifelong process requiring consistency and discipline. But the personal growth they catalyze offers rewards money can’t buy. If we dedicate ourselves to imprinting runic consciousness, prosperity will flourish holistically in harmony with our higher purpose. The runic path remains available for all seeking timeless wisdom on cultivating inner and outer wealth.


Runes offer a powerful way to focus your intentions and harness mystical energies to increase prosperity, wealth, and abundance. By utilizing runes like Fehu, Jera, Wunjo, and Dagaz in your spiritual practice and displays, you can align your own energies with concepts of fulfillment, rewards, comfort, and transformation.

With practical applications like rune meditation, talismans, casting, and spells, you can unlock the prosperity meanings in these ancient Norse symbols. Use the tips provided to get started attracting wealth into your life. And experiment with simple rituals like the money bowl method for even deeper magic.

Remember to uphold positive ethics and mindfulness when engaging with any spiritual tools like runes. Trust in their wisdom, but don’t force specific outcomes. Develop your intuition through meditation and inner reflection. And most importantly, focus on prosperity as a means of achieving higher goals and spreading blessings to others.

Runes offer a profound system just waiting to be tapped into. With a basic understanding of the runes presented here, you now have the key to unlock their potential for prosperity in your life. What abundance will you manifest?

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