Runes for family and how to use them

runes for family

Runes for family hold powerful magic for tightening bonds and invoking Norse wisdom. In the age of Viking clans, kinship meant everything, offering belonging, prosperity, and protection. Today, we can use runes steeped in Nordic tradition to bring this same supportive energy into our own families.

This extensive guide uncovers how certain Norse runes can strengthen family bonds when used purposefully. We’ll explore the iconic symbols and customs that defined Viking families and their tight-knit relationships.

By tapping into the enduring energy of runic symbols, we can fortify our most cherished family connections. This article reveals how runes for family can help modern clans draw closer together, just as they bonded ancient Viking kin. Discover how to unlock the runic power of ancestry, nurturing, and protection for your family.

Key Points 

  • Othala represents heritage and familial lineage, signifying ancestry and inherited traditions.
  • Berkana symbolizes maternal nurturing and the loving bonds between family members.
  • Inguz signifies new beginnings, growth, and the cycles of life within families.
  • Eihwaz represents endurance, longevity, and the resilience of family through challenges.
  • Viking families relied on unity, celebrating milestones together, and passing down knowledge.
  • Specific runes carry meanings that resonate deeply for family relationships.
  • Runes can be incorporated into rituals, objects, and spaces to energize and protect families.
  • Viking values like empathy, kinship, and reverence for ancestry can inspire families today.
  • Working with runes allows modern families to connect with their Nordic roots and ancestral wisdom.
  • Runes fortify family ties across generations with their enduring magic and symbolism.


An Introduction to Norse Runes

Runes originated among ancient Germanic and Nordic tribes as early as the 2nd century AD. The earliest runic alphabet contained 24 letters known as the Elder Futhark.

Runic writing had practical uses but also held deeper spiritual meaning. Each rune glyph represented concepts significant to Viking culture, like courage, fertility, strength, wisdom, and kinship.

Today, runes still resonate with those who wish to channel their power. Understanding their meanings reveals how to benefit from runes, especially within family contexts.

norse necklace with viking runes

Now let’s explore some of the most impactful runes for family.

Runes for Family:

Othala – For Blessings of Lineage

rune othila othala

Othala, also known as Odal or Othila, is primarily associated with the concept of heritage, ancestral property, and familial ties. Its meaning is deeply rooted in the idea of family and the passing down of traditions from one generation to the next.

The Othala rune takes the shape of a diamond or an hourglass with a vertical line cutting through the center. This design is said to represent a piece of ancestral land, which reinforces its connection to family and inherited property. The rune embodies a sense of belonging, both to a specific place and to one’s lineage.

In a family context, Othala signifies the importance of ancestry and the bonds that tie family members together. It embodies the notion that our roots and heritage are essential aspects of who we are as individuals and as part of a family unit. Othala represents the knowledge, values, and experiences that are passed down from our ancestors to guide and shape our lives.

This rune is often associated with the home and family estate, emphasizing the significance of a stable and secure family environment. It encourages a sense of protection, both of the physical home and the emotional bonds shared among family members. Othala reminds us of the importance of cherishing and preserving our family history and cultural heritage, ensuring that these valuable aspects of our identity are not lost over time.

When Othala appears in runic divination or readings, it can carry various meanings related to family matters. It may indicate a focus on family traditions, the arrival of an inheritance or family property, or a need to reconnect with one’s roots for personal growth and understanding. It can also encourage building stronger family bonds, fostering a sense of unity and support among family members.

Today, Othala helps families honor their roots while connecting to ancestral guidance. Drawing on Othala can provide prosperity, abundance, and close community ties.

When to Use It

Integrate Othala into family practices by:

  • Drawing or carving it onto heirlooms
  • Gifting Othala jewelry during gatherings
  • Calling in ancestors through Othala rituals

How to Use It

  • Place Othala runes around the home to invoke ancestral energy
  • Trace the rune over family photos and heirlooms
  • Gift Othala pendants to family members

Berkana – For Nurturing Power

rune berkana

The shape of the Berkana rune resembles the letter “B” with curved branches, reminiscent of a protective, nurturing shelter.

Berkana is commonly associated with concepts of fertility, growth, and rebirth. In a family context, this rune represents the loving and caring qualities of motherhood and the bond between a mother and her children. It symbolizes the nurturing and protective aspects of the maternal figure and the strong foundation upon which a family is built.

This rune embodies the energy of growth and transformation, signifying the development of family relationships and the potential for new beginnings. It can indicate the birth of children or the expansion of the family through marriage or other significant events. Berkana encourages an environment of support and love within the family, fostering an atmosphere where individuals can grow and thrive.

Viking Bracelet with rune

The nurturing aspect of Berkana extends beyond just biological mothers, encompassing all those who play a caring and supportive role within the family unit. It emphasizes the importance of emotional bonds, compassion, and understanding among family members. Like the branches of a tree, it suggests the interconnectivity of family relationships, with each member contributing to the overall strength and growth of the family.

When Berkana appears in runic divination or readings, it often carries positive connotations related to family matters. It may signify the presence of a caring and nurturing influence in one’s life, the potential for new family beginnings, or the need to prioritize family connections and relationships.

Additionally, Berkana can serve as a reminder of the significance of self-care and personal growth within the context of family dynamics. It encourages individuals to cultivate a sense of warmth and protection for themselves and their loved ones, promoting emotional well-being and stability within the family.

When to Use It

Call on Berkana when family relationships need healing:

  • After arguments to restore peace
  • During times of grief or difficulty
  • For bonding rituals between members

How to Use It

  • Draw Berkana over the heart chakra before gatherings
  • Craft Berkana rune amulets for expecting mothers
  • Use Berkana charms in reconciliation spells

Inguz – For Shared Growth

rune inguz

Inguz, also known as Ing or Ingwaz, is another rune in the Elder Futhark that holds deep significance related to family, fertility, and new beginnings.

Inguz is strongly associated with the god Ing, or Freyr in Norse mythology, who is associated with fertility, agriculture, and prosperity. As such, Inguz symbolizes the energy of life, potential, and the creative forces necessary for growth and development. In a family context, this rune is often connected to the birth of new life, whether it be the literal birth of children or the metaphorical birth of new ideas and ventures within the family unit.

In terms of family, Inguz emphasizes the transformative power of family life and the opportunities for personal and collective growth it provides. It signifies the potential for new beginnings and the cycles of life and nature. This rune encourages embracing change and transformation within the family, recognizing that it is a natural part of the human experience.

Inguz also highlights the interconnectedness of family members and their roles in supporting one another’s growth. It promotes harmony and unity within the family, encouraging individuals to work together and nurture each other’s potential. The rune reminds us that just as nature goes through cycles of growth and change, so too do our families evolve and adapt over time.

When Inguz appears in runic divination or readings, it often carries positive connotations related to family matters. It may indicate the potential for the expansion of the family through the birth of a child or the creation of a new family dynamic through marriage or other significant events. It can also suggest a time of personal growth and development within the family, urging individuals to embrace change and seize new opportunities.

Additionally, Inguz serves as a reminder of the importance of being patient and allowing things to unfold naturally within the family. Just as seeds need time to grow into full-fledged plants, family bonds and connections require nurturing and time to strengthen and flourish.

When to Use It

Activate Inguz during:

  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Baby showers
  • Annual family reunions
  • Seasonal equinoxes

How to Use It

  • Chant the rune during full moon rituals
  • Fly Inguz banners at graduations
  • Gift Inguz charms to couples expecting a child

Eihwaz – For Family Endurance

rune eihwaz

Eihwaz is often associated with the concept of the Yew tree, a sacred tree in Norse mythology, representing endurance, longevity, and transformation. In a family context, this rune holds several relevant interpretations and themes:

  1. Endurance and Stability: Eihwaz represents the strength and resilience of the family unit. It symbolizes the ability to endure challenges and hardships together, forming a stable foundation upon which the family can rely during difficult times.
  2. Protection and Defense: Like the sturdy Yew tree, Eihwaz serves as a protective force, guarding the family from external threats and negative influences. It encourages individuals within the family to support and defend each other, fostering a sense of unity and security.
  3. Spiritual Connection: Eihwaz’s upward and downward branches suggest a connection between the spiritual and material realms. In the context of family, this can represent the importance of passing down spiritual or ancestral traditions, values, and wisdom from one generation to the next.
  4. Transformation and Growth: The Yew tree is associated with longevity and enduring cycles of life. Eihwaz embodies the idea that families, like trees, experience growth and transformation over time. It encourages embracing change and evolution within the family structure.
  5. Balance and Harmony: The balanced shape of Eihwaz reflects the need for harmony within the family. It reminds family members to find equilibrium between individual needs and the collective well-being of the family as a whole.

In runic divination or readings, Eihwaz can have various interpretations related to family matters. It may indicate the need to stand strong together during challenging times, the potential for transformation within the family, or the importance of spiritual and ancestral connections for personal and familial growth.

Today, Eihwaz reminds families to foster tenacity in the face of adversity. Its spirit empowers us to transform obstacles into opportunities for growth.

When to Use It

Call on Eihwaz:

  • When family members need comfort
  • During periods of difficulty or stagnation
  • To lend courage and adaptability

How to Use It

  • Draw the rune during meditation for fortitude
  • Craft Eihwaz talismans to withstand turmoil
  • Chant the rune’s name as an affirmation


Viking Families – United and Interconnected

Viking family structure was defined by unity, empathy, and celebrating developmental milestones together. Mothers passed down knowledge, binding generations.

The Viking word for family was hird. Hirds were large communities containing many households who worked cooperatively.

Common symbols reinforced Viking ideals of kinship, protection, and reverence for shared history. These included:

  • Yggdrasil – The sacred tree of life at the center of Viking cosmology
  • Thor’s HammerMjolnir An amulet offering protection and blessing


  • Wolves – Sacred animals symbolizing guardianship
  • Dragons – Symbols of power and strength
  • Odin’s Ravens – Representing wisdom and prophecy

Mjolnir Raven Skull Necklace

Today, families can look to these values while tapping into runic wisdom.

Ways to Apply Runes in Family Life

Now that you understand their significance, here are inspirational ways to harness runes:

  • Craft bind runes combining multiple glyphs
  • Design custom runic family talismans
  • Inscribe runes along the edges of photos
  • Exchange rune pendants during gatherings
  • Use runic chants and charms in rituals
  • Create rune-engraved gifts for milestones
  • Place Othilla amulets outdoors for protection

However you apply them, runes fortify family bonds across generations. Their potent magic keeps lineage, affection, and unity flowing.

Key Takeaways

  • Runes like Othala and Berkana carry powerful symbolic meanings related to family, heritage, and nurturing bonds. Connecting with their energy can benefit family relationships.
  • Norse runic wisdom provides a link to ancestral ways of fostering kinship, resilience, and tradition. Honoring this lineage can be meaningful for families today.
  • Specific runes offer protective and enduring magic when incorporated mindfully into family spaces, rituals, and objects.
  • Viking culture valued clan community, feminine wisdom, celebrating milestones together, and passing down ancestral knowledge. Applying these timeless virtues can bring families closer.
  • Runes remind us how important it is to cherish family ties and nurture relationships between generations. Their messages still resonate with families now.
  • By working with runes, families can awaken their Nordic roots and tap into the powerful magic of symbols. This can strengthen cherished bonds.
  • Understanding each rune’s unique significance allows for intentional integration into family practices, to energize connections.
  • Runes provide a tangible way to honor the past, carry values forward, and enrich the bonds between loved ones into the future.

In the Viking Age, families relied on one another. Today, runes keep that supportive spirit alive. Use their wisdom to nurture your most cherished bonds. Sample Markdown

Runes for Family – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose which runes to work with for my family?

Reflect on your specific family’s needs and dynamics. Runes like Berkana are ideal for nurturing loving connections, while Eihwaz builds resilience. Pick runes whose meanings resonate with qualities you want to cultivate.

What results can I expect from using runes for my family?

While effects vary, many report increased harmony, closeness and mutual understanding from purposefully applying runes. But be patient, as shifting family dynamics requires an ongoing process.

How do I introduce runes to skeptical family members?

Start by explaining runes’ rich history and that their meanings are still relevant today. Share how runes have bettered your life. Offer to make custom rune gifts tailored to each person. Lead by example.

Can family rune practices incorporate my Christian/other faith background?

Absolutely. Runes are used by people of diverse beliefs to impart wisdom and energy. You can infuse runes with meanings from your own culture and spiritual lens.

My family is experiencing major conflict. Can runes help?

Yes, choose runes like Berkana and sowulo to soothe tensions and illuminate solutions. Use Eihwaz to build resilience through turmoil. But also seek counseling support if needed.

How do I know if a rune I’ve chosen is impacting my family negatively?

Stay attuned to any dramatic shifts in relationships or atmospheres after using a rune. If conflict increases, discontinue using that rune. Cleanse spaces of any lingering energy.

Can I incorporate runes into family traditions of other cultures?

Exercise caution to avoid appropriating closed practices. But many find harmonizing runes with ancestral traditions creates deeper meaning. Proceed with respect and consult elders.

What were Viking families called?

Viking family units were known as “hirds” – large extended communities containing many households who worked cooperatively under a chieftain or lord.

What is the Viking word for family?

The Old Norse Viking word for family is “hirdman” – meaning a member of a hird household. Hirdmen were honorable individuals who belonged to the clan network.

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