Fertility Runes: Unlocking Ancient Symbolism for Abundance and Growth

fertility runes

In the realm of ancient symbols and mystical practices, runes have captivated human imagination for centuries. These ancient Norse characters are not only visually intriguing but also carry deep symbolic meanings.

In this blog post, we will delve into the enigmatic world of fertility runes, exploring their significance, history, and how they can be utilized to manifest abundance and growth in our lives.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your physical fertility or invite prosperity and creative energy into your endeavors, fertility runes offer a pathway to harness the forces of creation.


Understanding Fertility Runes

Fertility runes are a subset of the larger runic alphabet known as the Elder Futhark. While the Elder Futhark consists of 24 runes, fertility runes specifically embody the energies associated with creation, growth, and abundance. These runes symbolize the life force present in nature and serve as potent tools for channeling fertility on various levels, including physical, emotional, and spiritual realms.


Berkana, the rune of fertility, birth, and rebirth, carries the nurturing and protective energies associated with the feminine energy of the Great Mother. It is a potent symbol of the cycles of life and embodies the essence of creation and growth. Berkana’s influence extends beyond physical fertility and encompasses the nurturing of ideas, relationships, and creative projects.

When we embrace Berkana, we tap into its power to enhance physical fertility, fostering the potential for conception and childbirth. Additionally, it offers guidance for nurturing and protecting the growth of ideas, relationships, and creative endeavors. Berkana represents the unyielding support and nurturing energy required for new beginnings and transformation.

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Fehu holds profound symbolism associated with wealth, abundance, and vitality. While it does encompass material possessions and financial prosperity, its essence goes beyond mere external riches. Fehu embodies generative power, representing the life force that fuels growth and creation in all aspects of life.

When we connect with Fehu, we open ourselves to invite abundance and growth into our lives. This can manifest in various forms, including physical fertility, financial prosperity, and a flourishing sense of well-being.

Fehu serves as a reminder that abundance is not limited to material possessions alone but encompasses the richness of experiences, relationships, and personal growth.


Ingwaz symbolizes the energy of growth, harmony, and inner strength. It reflects the fertility of the Earth, representing the dormant seeds of potential that await the right conditions to manifest. Just as plants grow and flourish when nourished by the Earth, Ingwaz invites us to tap into our inner resources and harness our innate strengths.

By connecting with it, we unlock the power within ourselves to foster personal transformation and manifest our desires.

It encourages us to embrace our unique potential, allowing our inner strengths to blossom and contribute to the creation of a fertile and abundant life. Ingwaz teaches us to find harmony within ourselves and align with the energies of growth and abundance that surround us.


Jera, the rune of the harvest and the cycles of time, represents the completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. It signifies the fruition of our efforts, reminding us that patience, perseverance, and alignment with natural rhythms are key to reaping the rewards. In the realm of fertility, Jera holds significant symbolism.

Jera teaches us that fertility is not an instant result but rather a process that unfolds over time. It urges us to trust the natural cycles of life and align our actions with the optimal timing for manifesting our goals.

Patience and resilience are emphasized, as we understand that the seeds we sow will yield their harvest when the conditions are ripe. Jera serves as a reminder to embrace the journey, honoring both the process and the eventual rewards.

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Rune Casting for Fertility

Rune casting is a divination method that can be utilized to seek guidance and insights specifically related to fertility and conception.

rune reading tips casting

By casting fertility runes and interpreting the messages they convey, individuals can gain valuable guidance on their fertility journey.

Here’s a more detailed explanation of rune casting for fertility and tips for interpreting the messages:

Rune casting involves the selection of specific fertility runes from a set and interpreting their symbolic messages to gain insight and guidance. It is a practice deeply rooted in ancient traditions and connects individuals with the energies and wisdom of the runes.

When casting fertility runes, it is essential to create a sacred space conducive to divination. This can involve lighting candles, setting up an altar, or any other ritualistic practice that helps establish a focused and reverent atmosphere.

To begin the divination process, select a specific question or topic related to fertility and conception. Focus your intention and clarity on this inquiry, ensuring that it is specific and well-defined. It could be a question about timing, potential obstacles, or general guidance for enhancing fertility.

Take a deep breath, center yourself, and shuffle the fertility rune set. Allow your intuition to guide you as you select the runes for the casting. You can draw them randomly from a bag, lay them out in a spread, or any other method that resonates with you.

Tips for interpreting the messages conveyed by fertility runes in a divination practice

Interpreting the messages of fertility runes requires an open mind, intuition, and a deep connection with the symbols.

Here are some tips to assist you in interpreting the messages conveyed by the fertility runes:

  • Observe the symbols: Take note of the specific fertility runes that emerge during the casting. Pay attention to their positions, proximity to each other, and any patterns or connections that may arise. Each rune carries its own unique energy and meaning.
  • Tap into your intuition: Allow your intuition to guide you as you interpret the messages of the fertility runes. Tune in to any feelings, sensations, or thoughts that arise as you observe the symbols. Trust your inner wisdom and the messages that resonate with you on a deeper level.
  • Consider the context: Contextualize the messages of the fertility runes within the specific fertility-related question or topic you posed at the beginning of the divination practice. Reflect on how the runes relate to your inquiry and the guidance they offer in that context.
  • Consult runic resources: Utilize runic resources, such as books or online references, to expand your understanding of the individual meanings and interpretations of fertility runes. However, remember that your personal connection and intuition are equally important in the interpretation process.
  • Keep a record: Maintain a journal or record of your fertility rune castings. Document the runes drawn, their positions, and your interpretations. Over time, you may begin to notice patterns or recurring themes that offer deeper insights into your fertility journey.

Remember that divination practices, including rune casting, offer guidance and perspectives rather than definitive answers.

The messages conveyed by the fertility runes are meant to stimulate your intuition, provide insights, and empower you to make informed decisions on your path to conception and enhanced fertility.

Trust your inner guidance and the wisdom of the runes as you interpret their messages.

Rune Talisman

A rune talisman is a physical object that is created and imbued with the energy and intention of a specific rune or a combination of runes. Talismans have been used for centuries in various spiritual and mystical practices as a means of harnessing and amplifying certain energies or qualities.

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In the context of fertility, a rune talisman can be crafted to focus on the intentions of enhancing fertility, promoting conception, or supporting the overall journey towards parenthood. Here’s an overview of creating and working with a fertility rune talisman:

  1. Selecting the Rune(s): Choose the fertility rune(s) that resonate with your intentions. For example, you might select Berkana for nurturing energy, Inguz for growth and transformation, or a combination of runes that align with your specific fertility goals.
  2. Choosing the Base: Find a suitable material to serve as the base for your talisman. This can be a small stone, crystal, wooden disc, or any other object that feels meaningful and energetically resonant to you.
  3. Carving or Drawing the Rune(s): Carve or draw the chosen fertility rune(s) onto the surface of the talisman. You can use a knife, a woodburning tool, paint, or any other method that allows you to create a clear and visually representative symbol. As you work on the talisman, focus on infusing it with your intentions and the energy of the fertility rune(s).
  4. Empowering the Talisman: To enhance the potency of the talisman, you can perform a ritual or ceremony to imbue it with your intentions. Hold the talisman in your hands, close your eyes, and visualize the desired outcome related to fertility. Pour your intentions, emotions, and energy into the talisman, infusing it with your purpose.
  5. Carrying or Placing the Talisman: Once empowered, you can carry the talisman with you as a personal amulet, keeping it in a pocket, wearing it as jewelry, or placing it in a pouch. Alternatively, you can position it in a specific location, such as your bedroom or fertility altar, to create a sacred space infused with fertility energies.
  6. Interacting with the Talisman: Regularly interact with the talisman to strengthen your connection to its energies. Hold it in your hands, meditate with it, or incorporate it into rituals or visualizations related to fertility. Use the talisman as a reminder of your intentions and a symbol of the fertility energies you are invoking.

Remember, the talisman serves as a tangible representation of your intentions and a focal point for your energy and visualization. It acts as a reminder and amplifier of the fertility energies you are working with, supporting your fertility journey and enhancing your connection to the desired outcomes.

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