Good Luck Rune – Harnessing Runes for Blessings and Fortune

good luck rune

For centuries, rune symbols have fascinated people around the world. Originating with ancient Norse and Germanic tribes, these iconic alphabets were more than just letters – they held mystical meanings and magical properties. Of all the runes, few are more renowned for bringing blessings of fortune than the Good Luck Rune, known as Fehu.

This ancient symbol continues to be used as a powerful talisman, imparting its gifts of joy and prosperity.

Read on to learn more about the history and meaning behind the Fehu rune, the enduring Good Luck Rune.


An Introduction to Runes

Runes originated in the first century CE as alphabets used by ancient Norse and Germanic tribes across northern Europe. More than just letters for writing, each runic symbol held unique meanings and properties connected to the spiritual beliefs of these pagan peoples.

The runic alphabets are called Futhark after the first six rune letters – Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, and Kenaz. This is similar to how the word alphabet comes from the first Greek letters alpha and beta.

There are two primary versions of the Futhark runic alphabets. The Elder Futhark contains 24 runes and was used from around the 2nd to 8th centuries CE. The Younger Futhark has 16 runes and emerged as a simplified alphabet later in the Viking Age (793–1066 CE).

norse runes

Runes served as meaningful symbols in Norse culture. They were carved into stones, amulets, weapons and more as signatures, memorials and magical charms. Runes were believed to hold power – they could bring protection, foretell destiny, influence outcomes and conjure fortune when used correctly.

Rök runestone

Rök runestone

Over time, as Christianity spread through pagan lands, the original spiritual significance of the runes faded. But their shapes continued to hold meaning, evolving into alphabets for writing early Germanic languages. Today, runes are still used in various neo-pagan traditions, as talismans and for divination.

Good Luck Rune – Fehu – Symbol of  Wealth and Good Fortune

rune fehu

The Fehu rune looks like an F. It represents movable wealth and possessions. For early Nordic peoples who lived off the land, this meant cattle, but it also signified success and reward for hard work.

rune pendant with fehu, hagalaz and raidho runes

Connections to Freyja

Fehu shares its name with Freyja, the Norse goddess of fertility, wealth, and earthly delights. As a Vanir goddess, Freyja represented the bounty of the land and passions of the common people. She dispensed treasure, gold, and boons to her loyal followers.

Fehu draws on Freyja’s lush, generous essence to accumulate wealth and share good fortune. The rune inherited the goddess’s blessings through Freyja’s protection and patronage. Fehu connects us to her prosperous spirit which still inhabits the rune’s lines and channels vibrant energy into those who master its magic.

Reward for Effort

Fehu’s original meaning embodied movable wealth – cattle, coins, possessions. For early Nordic people living off the land, wealth came from animals, trades, and hard work. Fehu blesses efforts and brings rewards through luck and plentiful outcomes. It lights the way to prosperity through diligence.

This rune also signals fresh starts – a new herd, a new harvest. Fehu marks new ventures destined for abundance through cosmic blessing. By invoking Fehu’s magic, we ignite the spark setting our endeavors alight with prosperity. It inspires fruitful new beginnings.

Good Fortune and Security

Fehu’s greatest gift is the financial freedom and security that comes from prosperity. It wards off poverty by calling in resources. Wellbeing and comfort arise when basic needs are met. Fehu provided that assurance of safety to ancient pagans through luck and divine providence.

So in uncertain times, Fehu remains a powerful beacon. Its light reaches back through history bringing gifts of affluence that still bear fruit today. Fehu truly embodies the abundant blessings of good fortune.


What other runes attract good luck?

While Fehu is the rune most directly associated with good fortune, other Norse runes also carry symbolic meanings related to prosperity, blessings, and auspicious outcomes. Here are a few other notable runes for luck:


rune jera

This rune marked the cyclical turning of the seasons and harvest time for ancient pagans. In modern contexts, Jera represents cycles of success that come from diligence, care, and patience. When you plant seeds of intention and tend goals over time, you reap lucky outcomes. Jera reminds you that progress comes in stages, not all at once. Stay dedicated through ups and downs, putting in the work, and your efforts culminate in fulfillment at the right time. Its luck might arrive later, but your perseverance pays off.


rune algiz

The rune Algiz is associated with protection, sanctuary, and connection to divine guidance. Algiz brings luck by warding off misfortune before it can take hold. It deflects harm and evil through its protective spiritual power, paving the way for good things to come. When Algiz appears with Wunjo and other luck-bringing runes, it strengthens the magic that draws favor, prosperity and peace into our lives.

rune necklace algiz


rune wunjo

Wunjo is tied to joy, harmony, and fellowship. The name Wunjo comes from “wynn” meaning joy or bliss. Wunjo signifies the pleasure of good company and community.

wunjo rune necklace

To Norse pagans, this rune embodied the comfort and contentment of living in harmony with one’s blessings. Wunjo offered the gift of finding beauty and gladness in life’s moments, in spite of its harshness. In rituals, Wunjo was invoked as a symbol of shared efforts and friendship overcoming hardship. It represented the human connections that make life’s burdens lighter.

Where there is unity, sympathy, and selfless giving, Wunjo shines its luck. So while Fehu draws in material prosperity, Wunjo attracts gifts of spiritual wealth – love, belonging, and profound joy with deep roots. Together these runes perfectly capture the twin blessings of fortune and fellowship.


rune laguz

The flowing symbolism of water represents Laguz, tying this rune to intuition, adaptation, and harmony with natural forces beyond our control. Laguz reminds us that luck often arrives through aligning with destiny’s ebb and flow, rather than forcing outcomes.

By cultivating wisdom to see and accept opportunities as they come, we gain fortune and avoid swimming against the tides of fate. Meditating on Laguz brings clarity on when to act and when to wait for luck to manifest in its own time.


rune sowilo or sowulo

The vibrant sun represented in Sowilo illuminates the path to success through vibrant energy, leadership, and self-confidence. Its radiant light fills you with charisma and vitality that attract admirers who are eager to see you succeed. Sowilo activates your talents and ambitions, lighting your way to victory and acclaim.

Draw on its solar energies to project luck outwards from your own skills, magnetizing good fortune back to you. Sowilo helps you shine as a capable, inspiring leader destined for success.

Viking Bracelet sowilo rune

Each of these meaningful runes carries unique magic that can amplify and complement Wunjo’s properties in the quest for success. When combined in talismans, spells and incantations, they create a powerful web of Norse symbology to attract great blessing into one’s life.

Harnessing the Power of Luck Runes

In ancient times, Norse people carried runic talismans for protection and to invoke fortune. Today, we can still access the runes’ magic through thoughtful use.

Good luck runes like Fehu, Algiz, Wunjo, Jera, and Sowilo make meaningful symbols to incorporate into jewelry, tattoos, art, or home decor. Choose the rune that speaks to you personally. Let the shapes and meanings guide your expression.

algiz rune tattoo

When designing with runes, consider their purpose. Will this talisman attract prosperity to a new business? Offer protection for a child? Promote joy and harmony in your home? Crystalize your intention.

There are many ways to awaken the runes’ gifts. Making time for rituals gives power to their magic.

Light candles, incense and create a meditative space. Chant the rune names aloud as you visualize their effect. Or sit quietly communing with the soothing symbols.

Display runes where their energies are most needed. Place a Fehu symbol in your workspace to energize productivity. Put Kenaz by the hearth to amplify passion and creativity. Location amplifies the runes’ latent power.

As you build a connection to the runes, their wisdom reveals itself over time through intuition and synchronicity. Stay open to inner truths and subtle guidance. Runes help us manifest personal destiny when we align with their magic.

Let the ancient runes light your way. Their gifts emerge when given respect and care. With practice, you’ll find power in their striking symbolic elegance.

Final Thoughts

Runes have captivated imaginations for generations due to the mystical meanings encoded in their shapes and symbols. These ancient alphabets represented much more than just letters to Nordic peoples – they held power, luck, and divine magic.

The runes provided a guide to living in harmony with cosmic forces beyond mortal control. Each rune offered its unique gift – from prosperity to joy, success to protection. People carried runes with them to invoke favorable fortune in their endeavors, travels, and lives.

While Norse culture faded over time, the runes endure as a testament to spiritual beliefs that gave people hope. The runes fulfilled intrinsic needs for luck, security, wisdom – the same needs we have today.

Modern rune workers know the old magicks remain potent. The runes need only be unlocked through study, imagination, and an open heart. Their gifts emerge through contemplation and mindful practice.

So approach the runes as the ancients did – with curiosity, reverence and a willingness to find meaning in their mystic symbols. Let them be your guide. The way forward is illuminated when we seek holistic wisdom rather than mere material gain. With an earnest spirit, the runes’ magick reveals itself in each new reading.

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