Sleipnir Horse

Sleipnir Horse

In Norse mythology, the Sleipnir horse is Odin’s steed. Grey in color, with eight legs, he is the best and fastest. He is able to ride the sky and the waters, and also along with the other worlds. His name means “he who glides quickly”. According to some sources Sleipnir horse bears runes engraved on his teeth.

The born of  Sleipnir Horse

The Æsir, the gods, had recently settled in the new land of Miðgarðr and had just built the Valhöll when a craftsman offered them the opportunity to encircle Ásgarðr with a mighty wall that could withstand the attacks of the giants.

This  skilled builder made a pact with the gods: in eighteen months he would have erected a mighty wall able to defend them from the giants, their enemies; in exchange, he would have received as a gift Freyja, the goddess of beauty, the sun and the moon

The gods, on the advice of Loki accepted, but on condition that the wall was finished by the summer. The craftsman replied that he would have done it as long as he could help himself with his horse, Svaðilfœri. Loki agreed and the pact was sealed with an oath.

The fortified village began to be built on the first day of winter and the work, thanks to Svaðilfœri, proceeded with incredible speed. When the six months of the winter season were drawing to a close, the work was indeed almost complete. The gods in panic for the imminent transfer of Freyja, the sun and the moon, blamed Loki for having agreed to the pact, and ordered him to find a solution immediately, otherwise, he would be condemned to an agonizing death. Loki, taken by great fear, turned into a mare and seduced the mighty horse Svaðilfœri that, ripped the reins, ran away in the forest where he remained in his company all night and the following day. When it became apparent that the wall would not be completed on time, the craftsman was seized with bestial wrath, revealing that he was actually a giant himself

The gods, unmasked the giant, immediately called for help Thor, left to fight the trolls. Thor who is the greatest enemy of the giants, on his arrival smashed his skull with a blow of his mighty hammer Mjolnir. Afterward, Loki gave birth from Svaðilfari to a grey coat with eight legs, Sleipnir, who became Odin’s horse, after Odin asked him as a gift, because he was the fastest and most powerful of all the horses. The legend of Sleipnir horse was born.

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