Top Charm Necklaces That Make Men Look Awesome

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Charm Necklaces for men, including bracelets, rings, and other types of jewelry, are a great way to elevate and personalize a look.

The best necklaces for men are a nice accent for any occasion and demonstrate your ability to cultivate your own sense of style.

Nowadays, men consider charm necklaces to be their favorite jewelry because they reflect the wearer’s personality and may have sentimental value.

Whatever the reason, men have a plethora of options when it comes to fashion jewelry, as there are thousands of sizes, options, styles, metals, and types to choose from.

All of these factors must be considered if you want a great piece of jewelry to show off your masculinity.

Men have more than enough necklace styles to choose from today, and we have curated a list of some of the best necklaces for men on the market right now.

Check out these various charm necklace styles that have established a distinct status.

Cross Necklaces

Pendants are in high demand whenever there is a religious trend in design. Religious motif pendants are popular among the crowd because they look great on both men and women and can fill them with the intense power of omnipresent conception.

These religious pendants have remained at the top of the trend because they can create an optimistic aura. Some pendants are religious in nature, while others feature the cross to keep the design alive.

Religious necklace designs for men include Stars of David and Christian Crosses, which have a calm appearance.

cross necklace on leather

Men frequently wear these pendants under their shirts, so they prefer a short leather-style necklace that allows the pendant to fall just below the neckline.

Religious pendants can provide a touching simplicity with a subtle appearance. These can range from religious motive pendants to gleaming studded crosses and silver chains, each with its own distinct style.

Cross Necklace

Mens Cross necklace


Can I wear a Cross Necklace if I’m not Christian or not Religious?

Cross jewelry is directly related to Christianity. However, because of its beautiful, minimalist design, it is also becoming a fashion statement among religious and non-religious people.

In this situation, the question of whether it is acceptable for non-religious people to wear a cross arises.

If you are not religious, you can wear cross jewelry. However, wearing a religious symbol indirectly communicates your religious orientation. Wear cross jewelry if you’re okay with people assuming you’re religious.

Furthermore, for the sake of compassion, you should make certain that your fashion statements do not offend or insult believers.

Nautical Necklaces

Consider purchasing a nautical necklace if you want to stay fashionable. You can never go wrong with nautical-themed accessories. It features an anchor design that men can use to highlight their personality for a vacation or casual look.

Nautical necklaces come in a variety of styles, including a leather style design, a solid compass pendant, and a sterling silver anchor on a chain. Different styles and designs are also available.

Accessories with a nautical motif are always a good choice. The antique bronze color and warm texture of the leather provide authenticity to this necklace, which should be a staple in your accessory collection.

anchor necklace

Sterling anchor pendant

Viking Necklaces

Jewelry was an important part of Viking culture, silversmiths and tanners were highly valued artisans. Jewelry was used to represent wealth and courage, as well as to honor and bring to life mythical traditions and characters.

Pendants were seen on the chests of warriors at sea and those left behind in the home village, worn by both men and women. You can now become a part of this mythical past – with a modern twist!

Our collection includes the legendary Thor’s Hammer, Valknut, Vegvisir, and a variety of Viking bracelets too. Our jewelry embodies the spirit of powerful animals like bears and wolves



Instead of going for an ambiguous necklace with no meaning, choose one with a message. As in these rugged-looking rune necklaces, each engraved with a rune that represents a different virtue. They are worth a look.

rune necklace algiz

norse necklace with viking runes

Mjolnir Raven Skull Necklace

Animal Necklaces

Men are not interested in delicately soft pendants because they prefer a rough and sturdy appearance to match their confidence. Using necklaces with an animal motif, you can add an element of elegance and boost your personality. Animal lovers can show their affection by stylishly wearing necklaces with animal motifs.

There are currently a plethora of brands offering designs pendants inspired by animals and paired with sleek silver ball chains or leather

snake charm leather necklace antique brown leather website

A Stainless Steel Eagle Pendant will give you a rugged yet elegant look.

eagle pendant website gallery

We have a wide variety of animal motifs that can make men appear more strict and robust. Aside from that, we have animal designs such as scorpions, snakes, or whale tails perfect for any occasion.

Whale Tail Necklace

Whale Tail Necklace

The Whale tail pendant is currently one of the most popular design trends because it can be a beautiful style statement that any man can wear with pride, without being too bold.

The Best Occasions for Men to Wear Charm Necklaces

Even though women have jewelry for every occasion, from festivals to formal meetings, men have fewer options when it comes to jewelry.

However, there is so much innovation in jewelry designs this year that men can wear charm pendants in style on so many occasions.

Men may prefer to wear layered dog tag pendants with sterling silver ball chains to every party. It can transform them into a style icon in addition to giving them a trendy appearance.

For any occasion, men can choose from rose and white gold chains to sleek gold chains with a small pendant for a perfect traditional look.

If you want to look more casual, choose pendants with animal motifs or pendants with a stainless steel chain, which can provide a cool look with a touch of classic elements.

Stylish Charm necklaces on Celebrities

Seeing your favorite celebrity wear a fashionable pendant can be a fashion statement that sets the trend. Trends emerge when people emulate their style icons.

For many years, celebrities have been seen wearing distinctively beautiful Necklaces.

Brad Pitt wore a sleek leather charm necklace with a V-neck shirt and a casual blazer recently.

Kanye West was easily identified by his long and flashy chains, which complemented his yellow chinos and white shirt.

Bollywood celebrities such as Salman Khan and Bappi Lahiri also flaunted diamond-studded chains and gold ornaments.


It is critical for men to have meaningfully beautiful charm necklaces that are more than just a piece of jewelry that they can wear with any outfit every day.

For every occasion, men require necklaces that are defined with simplicity and a touch of subtlety.

If you want to become a style icon in this fast-paced industry, you should experiment with different necklace designs.

Establish in 2016, Surflegacy offers Surf, Nautical, Viking, and Religion-inspired handcrafted jewelry for men and women.

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