Goddess Syn

syn goddess

Syn is one of the lesser-known but no less important goddesses of Norse mythology.

She is the Goddess of truth, and in a broader sense also the Goddess of justice, since she was invoked in court by all those who were unjustly accused of some crime. This function of hers traced that of the god Tyr, although Syn, unlike the latter, was not connected in any way with war (in short, she was not a Valkyrie).

As a very powerful and important Goddess, she was a direct servant of Odin and his bride Frigg. As such, she was responsible for guarding the corridors of Asgard‘s fortress and preventing those who were not authorized from entering.

In practice, in Norse Mythology, she performed a protective function of the Aesir realm just like Heimdallr (or Heimdall in German). In ancient times, she was also considered the goddess of vigilance and the protector of guardians.

To enter the halls of Odin and Frigg, one had to have permission from the Goddess, who could deny it through a nod, which is why the Latin “signum,” meaning “sign, signal” or even “nod” (German: Signal) was derived from her name. Her name is thought to mean precisely “negation” or “denial” in the ancient Norse language.

Like most of the goddesses or female figures in Germanic mythology (the Frauen), her task was to reward the righteous and severely punish those who lied or committed wrongdoing.

In terms of iconography, she was depicted with blonde hair like most Norse Goddesses, and sometimes with red hair. She wore a long white robe and in some cases, she wore the clothes of the huntress.

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