Love Runes: An In-depth Guide to Their Meanings and Uses

love runes

In the mystical world of Norse mythology, nothing is as simple as it seems. Every symbol, every character, and every deity has layers of meaning, waiting to be unraveled by those eager to understand. One of the most fascinating aspects of this culture lies in the runes—ancient alphabetic symbols believed to hold magical powers. Today, we will focus on a captivating subset of these symbols: the Norse Love Runes.

These Love Runes were more than mere alphabetic representations. They were invoked as powerful symbols of love, affection, and relationships. Each Love Rune carries a unique story and significance that transcends time and continues to fascinate us. Let’s dive deeper into their enchanting world, exploring their meanings, and how they can be used today.


Understanding Love Runes

In the heart of Norse mythology, Love Runes are the symbolic whispers of passion, affection, and deep emotional connections. Let’s take a closer look at these ancient symbols, their profound meanings, and how they’ve been historically linked with love and relationships.

Gebo (ᚷ)

Gebo, also known as Gyfu, carries the profound symbol of a gift or an act of generosity. Its shape, resembling an “X”, embodies the concept of partnership, exchange, and connection. This rune holds a deep resonance in the realm of love, as it illustrates the fundamental nature of relationships—the exchange of emotions, energy, and support.

rune gebo

Historically, the exchange of gifts was a crucial part of betrothal and marriage ceremonies in Norse culture, and Gebo was the rune that encapsulated this act of loving exchange.

It serves as a reminder that love is a reciprocal process, a balance of giving and receiving, both in emotional and practical aspects of a relationship. In the context of divination, Gebo appearing in a reading might suggest the onset of a new relationship, or a deepening of connection and mutual understanding in an existing one.

viking axe bracelet with gebo rune

Inguz (ᛝ)

Named after the Norse god Ing, also known as Freyr, the brother of Freya and a deity associated with fertility, prosperity, and new beginnings, Inguz is a rune that signifies growth and fruition. In the sphere of love and affection, Inguz acts as a symbol of burgeoning feelings, gestating relationships, and the potential for love to bloom and thrive.

ingwaz rune

It’s the rune of potentiality, marking the anticipation of what’s to come. If you’re at the start of a relationship, the appearance of Inguz might hint at the potential for this relationship to grow and flourish. It’s a rune that infuses the thrill of new love with a promise of lasting growth and emotional prosperity. On a more personal level, Inguz can also denote personal growth and the nurturing of self-love.

Ehwaz (ᛖ)

Ehwaz, depicted by the image of a horse, embodies more than just a simplistic representation of an animal. In Norse culture, the horse was a crucial companion and partner, symbolizing a trusted bond, a reliable ally, and a profound understanding between two beings.

rune ehwaz

In the realm of love, Ehwaz encapsulates these attributes. This rune suggests a relationship that thrives on trust, a bond that stands the test of time, and a partnership where both individuals journey together, sharing each other’s burdens and joys.

It indicates cooperation and mutual progress. In divination, if Ehwaz makes an appearance, it often denotes a relationship rooted in mutual trust or hints towards the need for enhancing understanding and cooperation.

Wunjo (ᚹ)

The rune of joy, Wunjo, bears the symbol of satisfaction, happiness, and pleasure. In the context of love, it carries a highly positive vibration. Wunjo is about the joy that love brings into our lives.

rune wunjo

It’s about the sense of satisfaction when love is reciprocated, the contentment when love matures, and the happiness when you are at ease with your loved one. It’s that warm feeling of affection that makes everything seem brighter and better.

In divination, when Wunjo is drawn, it usually indicates a period of joy, a time of happiness, or the potential of blissful love in the querent’s life.

Mannaz (ᛗ)

The Mannaz rune, signifying mankind, is a symbol of human relationships, connections, and social interaction. In the sphere of love, Mannaz brings the focus on the fundamental basis of any romantic relationship: friendship, mutual understanding, and respect.

rune mannaz

It is a reminder that at the core of any passionate relationship lies the essence of friendship. When Mannaz appears in a love reading, it often suggests a bond that has evolved from a strong friendship. It might also indicate the need to nurture the friendship within a romantic relationship, to fortify the bond and ensure longevity.

Sowilo (ᛋ)

Sowilo, also known as the sun rune, stands for health, victory, and success. It’s like the bright ray of sun that signifies hope, warmth, and triumph. When viewed through the lens of love, Sowilo takes on the representation of the warmth of affection, the victory of love in overcoming challenges, and the success of a relationship.

rune sowilo or sowulo

It is a beacon of positivity in a love reading, indicating the potential bloom of romance, successful courtship, or surmounting any prevailing issues in your love life.

Each Love Rune has a richly layered symbolism and a myriad of interpretations, lending a unique lens through which to view the intricacies of love and relationships. The understanding of these runes can provide fascinating insights into the complex world of emotions and relationships.

Viking Bracelet sowilo rune

Utilizing Love Runes: A Step-by-Step Guide

Runes carry a wealth of meaning and potential use beyond their historic interpretation. The symbols of Love Runes, in particular, can be seamlessly incorporated into our daily life in a myriad of ways, each serving as a small, significant reminder of the various facets of love and affection. Let’s walk through a step-by-step guide on how to incorporate these timeless symbols into your daily life, from meditation and affirmations, to decorations and even gifts.

Meditation and Affirmation with Love Runes

Meditation with Love Runes can be a soothing practice to connect with the meanings behind these symbols, invite their energies into your life, and manifest the love you desire.

Step 1: Choose a quiet, comfortable space where you can meditate undisturbed.

Step 2: Select a Love Rune that resonates with what you want to invite into your love life. This could be the partnership of Gebo, the blossoming new beginnings of Inguz, or the deep joy symbolized by Wunjo.

Step 3: Hold the rune or its image in your hand, or place it in front of you. Close your eyes and focus on the energy of the rune, contemplating its meaning and how it can apply to your current situation or desire.

Step 4: Use the rune as a focal point for your meditation. Visualize its symbol, and as you breathe in, imagine its energy flowing into you. As you breathe out, picture your energy mingling with the rune’s. This exchange is to create a connection between you and the symbol.

Step 5: Create affirmations that correlate with your chosen rune. For example, if you chose Gebo, you might affirm, “I welcome balanced, mutual love into my life.”

Love Rune Decorations

Incorporating Love Runes into your living space can create a positive atmosphere and act as a constant reminder of the type of love energy you wish to attract.

Step 1: Decide where you’d like to place your Love Rune decoration. This could be your bedroom, living room, or any space where you spend a lot of time.

Step 2: Choose how you’d like to display your Love Rune. This could be in the form of wall art, a small sculpture, a painted stone, or even a throw pillow with the rune’s design.

Step 3: As you place the decoration, set an intention for the Love Rune energy you want to invite into that space. For instance, if you choose Ehwaz for trust and harmony, visualize a harmonious energy filling the room.

Love Rune Gift-Giving

Gifts bearing Love Runes can be a thoughtful and powerful way to express your feelings for someone.

Step 1: Choose a gift that can bear the symbol of a Love Rune. This could be jewelry, a personalized item, or anything that the recipient would appreciate.

Step 2: Select a Love Rune that best represents your feelings or wishes for the recipient.

Step 3: Include a note explaining the meaning of the rune and why you chose it. This adds a personal and thoughtful touch to the gift.

These are just a few of the many ways Love Runes can become part of your everyday life, helping you connect with their potent energy and age-old wisdom. Each rune brings with it a unique vibration, a distinctive magic that invites love, understanding, and connection. Remember, the most important aspect of using Love Runes is your intention, so always focus on the positive manifestation of love you desire.

Love Runes in Divination

One of the most potent ways to harness the power of Love Runes is through divination, a spiritual practice that seeks to uncover future possibilities and deeper understanding through symbolic interpretation. Using Love Runes in divination can provide valuable insights into love and relationships, helping to guide decisions, understand emotional dynamics, and open up to new possibilities. Let’s delve into how this process works and how to interpret signs related to love and relationships.

How to Use Love Runes in Divination

Step 1: Preparation: Find a quiet and peaceful space where you can focus. Take a few moments to clear your mind and center your thoughts on your question about love or relationships.

Step 2: Phrasing the Question: When it comes to Love Runes, your questions should be focused on your heart’s matters. They could be about understanding current relationship dynamics, knowing potential future developments, or seeking advice to overcome challenges in your love life.

Step 3: Selecting the Runes: There are various methods to select runes for a reading. One common way is to place all the runes in a bag, shuffle them around, and then draw one or more runes depending on the type of spread you’re using.

Step 4: Interpreting the Runes: Each rune you draw corresponds to specific aspects of love and relationships. Interpret their meanings in the context of your question.

Interpreting Signs Related to Love and Relationships

The power of Love Runes in divination lies in their layered meanings. Let’s revisit our Love Runes to understand how they might be interpreted in a love reading.

  • Gebo (ᚷ): If Gebo appears in a reading, it suggests an important exchange or gift in the context of love. It could indicate the start of a new relationship, a deepening of an existing one, or the need for balance in giving and receiving.
  • Inguz (ᛝ): Inguz is a sign of new beginnings and potential. If you’re starting a new relationship or hoping to, Inguz might indicate that this relationship has the potential to grow. It could also suggest personal growth in understanding love and relationships.
  • Ehwaz (ᛖ): The appearance of Ehwaz might signify a deep and trusted relationship. It suggests mutual understanding and cooperation. If you’re facing troubles in your relationship, Ehwaz might be a call to reinvest in understanding and working together.
  • Wunjo (ᚹ): This rune of joy in a love reading often indicates happiness and satisfaction in love and relationships. It might hint at the presence or arrival of joyous love or the mutual understanding that brings comfort and happiness.
  • Mannaz (ᛗ): If Mannaz appears, it indicates the importance of friendship and mutual respect in your love life. It might suggest a bond that has a strong foundation of friendship or the need to inculcate more friendship into a romantic relationship.
  • Sowilo (ᛋ): The appearance of Sowilo, the sun rune, in a love reading is a very positive sign. It suggests victory in love or overcoming challenges in love life. It represents the warmth and success that love brings.

Using Love Runes in divination offers a unique pathway to explore the mysteries of love, delve into the heart’s matters, and navigate the complexities of relationships. Remember, interpretation of runes in divination isn’t about predetermination; it’s about understanding the possibilities and the energies at work. Always trust your intuition as you work with Love Runes and let your heart guide your understanding.

Love Runes as Talismans

Runes carry energies that extend far beyond their historical significance and divinatory purposes. When imbued with intent, Love Runes can be used as powerful talismans or charms, designed to attract love, enhance relationships, or invoke self-love. Each Love Rune carries a unique vibration that aligns with specific aspects of love, making them a potent tool for focused intention.

Love Runes for Attracting Love

If you’re looking to attract love into your life, certain Love Runes can be used as talismans for this purpose. Inguz, for instance, symbolizes fertility and new beginnings, making it an excellent charm to attract new love. Wunjo, being the rune of joy, could also be used to attract joyful, fulfilling love.

To use Love Runes as talismans for attracting love, you can carve or paint the symbol of the rune on a small stone, piece of wood, or jewelry.

wunjo rune necklace

Hold the talisman and focus your intent on attracting the kind of love you wish to experience. Visualize your desire manifesting and believe in its potential.

Love Runes for Enhancing Relationships

To enhance a current relationship, Love Runes like Gebo and Ehwaz could be used as talismans. Gebo represents the energy of exchange and balance in a relationship, while Ehwaz stands for trust and partnership. Having these symbols nearby can serve as a reminder of these qualities and help imbue your relationship with these energies.

To create a talisman for enhancing relationships, choose a suitable object to bear the rune. This could be a decorative item for your home, a piece of jewelry for your partner, or a symbol to carry with you. As you create the talisman, focus on the qualities of the Love Rune and your intent to imbue your relationship with these energies.

Love Runes for Invoking Self-Love

Self-love is the foundation of all love, and Love Runes can be powerful tools for cultivating it. Mannaz, the rune of self and humanity, is excellent for promoting self-understanding and acceptance, crucial aspects of self-love.

To create a self-love talisman, you might engrave Mannaz on a piece of jewelry or a meditation stone, or even draw it on a sticky note to place on your mirror. As you create and use the talisman, focus on the intent to cultivate greater self-love, acceptance, and understanding.

Whether you’re seeking new love, hoping to enhance a relationship, or looking to cultivate more self-love, Love Runes offer a unique and meaningful way to focus your intentions and invite these energies into your life. Remember, the power of a talisman comes from the intent behind it, so be clear and focused on your desires as you create and use your Love Rune talismans.

Love Runes in Personal Expression

For centuries, runes have been used not only as a written language but also as potent symbols of identity, belief, and intention. Love Runes, with their rich symbolism and diverse meanings, are no exception to this. Incorporating these symbols in personal expression, such as tattoos, jewelry, or other artistic creations, can be a deeply personal way to connect with the energy of these runes and display the values they represent.

Love Runes in Tattoos

Tattoos are a powerful form of personal expression that allows an individual to carry significant symbols with them always. Love Runes can make unique and meaningful tattoos, representing various facets of love and relationships.

For instance, a Gebo tattoo could symbolize the importance of balanced love and partnership in one’s life. Inguz might be chosen by someone who embraces change and new beginnings in their love life. A Mannaz tattoo could be a reminder of the essence of humanity and the importance of mutual respect in relationships.

When choosing a Love Rune for a tattoo, consider not only its aesthetic appeal but also its deeper meaning and its alignment with your personal journey or values. Tattoos are permanent, so it’s essential to select a symbol that resonates deeply with you.

ingwaz tattoo on wrist

Love Runes in Jewelry

Incorporating Love Runes into jewelry allows you to carry these powerful symbols with you wherever you go. A piece of jewelry with a Love Rune can serve as a personal talisman, a fashion statement, or both.

For example, a necklace with the Ehwaz rune could be a constant reminder of the importance of trust and cooperation in relationships. A ring engraved with Wunjo might serve as a personal symbol of the joy and satisfaction one seeks in love.

As with tattoos, when choosing a Love Rune for jewelry, consider its meaning and relevance to your personal experiences or aspirations.


Other Forms of Personal Expression

Love Runes can also be incorporated into other forms of personal expression, such as clothing designs, home décor, or personal artwork. These can serve as a daily reminder of the rune’s meaning and a representation of your personal connection to its energy.

In conclusion, using Love Runes in personal expression allows you to form a deep, personal connection with these ancient symbols. Whether through tattoos, jewelry, or other forms, these symbols can serve as reminders of the different aspects of love and the qualities you wish to attract or nurture in your relationships.

Love Runes in Modern Rituals

In our fast-paced, modern world, many are seeking ways to incorporate ancient wisdom and tradition into contemporary life. Love Runes, with their deep historical roots and timeless symbolism, can be seamlessly woven into modern rituals and ceremonies, adding a layer of mystical significance and personalized meaning.

Love Runes in Weddings

Weddings are a celebration of love and partnership, and as such, they provide an excellent opportunity to incorporate Love Runes. For instance, Gebo, the rune of partnership and balanced exchange, could be used in the design of wedding invitations, engraved on the couple’s wedding bands, or incorporated into the ceremony decor.

During the ceremony, the couple might choose to draw a Love Rune from a bag as a symbolic guidance for their marital journey. The meaning of the rune drawn could then be explained to the guests, adding a unique touch to the ceremony.

Love Runes in Anniversaries

Anniversaries are another occasion where Love Runes can add a personal and meaningful touch. An Ehwaz rune, symbolizing trust and cooperation, could be incorporated into a gift, such as a custom-made piece of jewelry. Alternatively, the couple could decide to spend some time reflecting on the meaning of a specific Love Rune in relation to their journey together over the past year.

A unique way to celebrate might be a “rune ceremony,” where the couple draws a rune at the beginning of their anniversary day and lets its meaning guide their activities and reflections throughout the day.

Love Runes in Personal Rituals

Love Runes can also play a role in personal rituals focused on love and connection. Whether you’re looking to attract love, improve a relationship, or enhance self-love, a ritual using the appropriate Love Rune can help focus your intentions.

For instance, a self-love ritual could involve meditating with the Mannaz rune, focusing on the qualities of self-understanding and acceptance it represents. If you’re looking to attract love, you might light a pink candle (associated with love) and place an Inguz rune nearby, visualizing the new beginning you desire in your love life.

In all these instances, the key is to approach the ritual with a clear intention and an open heart, allowing the symbolism of the Love Rune to guide your thoughts and actions.

Incorporating Love Runes into modern rituals provides a tangible connection to ancient wisdom and a unique way to focus and personalize your celebrations or intentions. The universal language of love transcends time and culture, and Love Runes offer a beautiful way to tap into this timeless energy in our contemporary world.

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