How to wear your faith: A guide to Christian Jewelry

Christian jewelry

Christian jewelry was first introduced during the Roman Empire under Constantine. During Constantine’s Christianization of the Roman Empire, Christian symbols became popular and are still used today in Christian jewelry and art. These symbols include the cross and the Rosary.

Even today, many people wear them to affirm their faith and others as fashionable Accessories.

The use of jewelry is as old as mankind itself. This jewelry is made from different materials such as gold, aluminum, copper, silver, plastic, shells, etc. Some jewelry is particularly decorated with religious subjects, be it painted enamel pieces or jewelry that takes advantage of the fantastic shapes of baroque pearls.

There is a wide range of religious jewelry that a Christian can wear or give as gifts for more or less special occasions.

Crosses, holy medals, angel necklaces, rings, rosaries, and so on are some of these religious jewels. However, it is essential to know the meaning and importance of these religious jewels before using them.


Meaning and importance of Christian Jewelry

Christian jewelry is not just an accessory, but has special meaning for Christians. It is not a simple desire to follow fashion or show a certain style.

Wearing religious jewelry for Christians is above all a way to make yourself authentic and to fully live your spirituality. Because of this, determining the difference between sacred and profane jewelry is often contingent on the meaning we ascribe to it.

Here is in detail the meaning of the most important Christian jewelry symbols that a Christian can wear to accentuate his faith.


Christianity has always been associated with the cross, representing the crucifix, the passion of Christ and salvation, as well as redemption and the trinity. As a symbol of God’s love, the cross recalls Christ’s suffering. It represents the faith of Christians and also the essence of Jesus Christ himself.

For Christians, the crucifix represents not Jesus’ death but his triumph over all death, allowing all believers to enter heaven. Although the terms “crucifix” and “cross” are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a significant distinction between the two.

A crucifix has an image of Christ on it, whereas a cross is empty. Another variation of the standard cross is reliquary crucifixes.

These crucifixes have a hinged opening that allows small relics from saints to be carried, which many wearers believe bestows certain gifts and/or protection on those who wear them. Crucifixes and crosses can be worn as pendants or earrings.

Rosary or Prayer beads

Today are mostly used by the Catholic Church (approved by the Catholic Church in 1520). Rosaries are also popular in Islam and Buddhism.

Although not technically jewelry, Christians wear rosaries and smaller chaplets when reciting the prayers that their bead arrangement is meant to represent.

These pieces range from simple to ornate, but each one has its own distinct beauty. Chaplets are frequently the size of bracelets, whereas rosaries can be worn around the neck or as small rings.

Religious Medals

are extremely popular pieces of Christian jewelry, particularly among Catholics. Each medal is associated with one of the established saints and conveys a specific message.

The Miraculous Medal is one of the most popular religious medals. This piece was inspired by Saint Catherine Labouré’s visions, who was said to have received instructions for its creation from the Blessed Virgin Mary herself.

It is widely assumed that praying with the Miraculous Medal will result in the Virgin’s intervention for one’s cause. St. Christopher has also been a popular subject for Christian jewelry over the years, and his existence has been called into question by some religious officials.

Coin Pendants 

Nowadays, coin pendants are mostly expensive relics or antiques. Coins bearing images of Christ and the cross were minted during the reign of Emperor Constantine. Holes were drilled through the tops of these coins to create pendants or necklaces.

Angel Jewelry

Angel jewelry is extremely popular among many religious groups. Angels are widely believed to be both heavenly messengers and personal guardians, and as such, they have gained widespread popularity. Angels can be found in a variety of Christian jewelry, including necklaces, pins, and earrings. Angels are also beautiful additions to charm bracelets.

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