SIDEWAYS CROSS – Meaning and Symbolism

Many of us have seen the sideways cross symbol in jewelry, tattoos, and various other forms of decoration. But what exactly does this symbol mean? In this article, we will explore the meaning and symbolism behind the sideways cross.


Definition of the Sideways Cross Symbol

The sideways cross is essentially a traditional Christian cross that is positioned horizontally. While the upright cross is commonly associated with Christianity and represents the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the sideways cross adds a unique and contemporary twist to this traditional symbol. It has gained popularity as a fashionable and trendy motif in recent years.

Early Origins and History of the Sideways Cross

The exact origins of the sideways cross symbol are somewhat unclear. However, it is believed that it originated from ancient religious symbolism and has been used in various cultures throughout history.

For example, in ancient Egypt, the ankh cross was often depicted in a sideways position, representing eternal life and balance. Similarly, in ancient Greece, the anchor cross, which also appeared sideways, symbolized hope and steadfastness.

In more recent times, the sideways cross has gained popularity as a symbol of faith among Christians, particularly among younger generations. It is frequently worn as a jewelry piece, such as necklaces and bracelets, as a way for individuals to proudly display their religious beliefs while also embracing fashion trends.

sideways cross bracelet

The sideways cross can have different meanings for different individuals.

For some, it may represent a personal and modern interpretation of their faith, while for others, it may simply be a fashion statement.

Regardless of the meaning attached to it, the sideways cross has become a popular symbol that allows people to express their spirituality in a contemporary and stylish manner.

Whether worn as a religious symbol or a fashion statement, the sideways cross allows individuals to express their faith in a unique and contemporary way.

Stainless steel sideways Cross leather Bracelet

Religious Meaning and Symbolism

In the realm of religious symbolism, the cross holds a significant place, particularly in Christianity.

The cross is commonly associated with faith and salvation, representing the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

However, the sideways cross has emerged as an alternative interpretation, generating intrigue and curiosity among many individuals seeking deeper meaning.

Christianity: Cross as a Symbol of Faith and Salvation

Within Christianity, the cross is a symbol of faith, redemption, and the belief in Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It represents the crucifixion of Jesus and his ultimate sacrifice to cleanse humanity of its sins.

christian jewelry cross pendant

The vertical line represents the connection between heaven and earth, symbolizing the divine nature of Christ, while the horizontal line represents the earthly realm, representing the human aspect of Jesus.

Sideways Cross: Interpretations and Alternative Meanings

The sideways cross has gained popularity over the years for its alternative interpretations and fashionable appeal. While some people view it as a trendy and modern twist on a traditional symbol, others associate it with a range of meanings:

  1. Humility: The sideways cross can be seen as a reminder of humility, as it positions the cross in a way that makes it less prominent. It serves as a personal display of one’s faith without drawing excessive attention.
  2. Personal Connection: Some individuals perceive the sideways cross as a symbol of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The horizontal orientation can represent a closer and more intimate connection, emphasizing the individual’s unique and personal faith experience.
  3. Rebellion: For certain people, wearing the sideways cross is an act of rebellion against traditional norms and expectations. It challenges conventional interpretations and asserts independence and personal freedom of expression.

It is worth noting that the sideways cross can hold different meanings for different individuals, based on their personal beliefs, values, and experiences. Ultimately, the interpretation of a symbol like the sideways cross is a deeply personal and subjective matter.

In conclusion, the cross holds immense religious symbolism, representing faith, salvation, and the sacrifice of Jesus in Christianity. The sideways cross offers an alternative interpretation, embracing individuality, humility, and personal connections to one’s faith.

It is a symbol of significance and personal meaning that resonates with many individuals seeking a unique expression of their beliefs.

Fashion and Popularity

The sideways cross has become a popular fashion statement in recent years, adorning the necks of many celebrities and trendsetters. This unique twist on the traditional cross necklace has caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts and symbolizes so much more than just a piece of jewelry.

Sideways Cross Jewelry: Trendy Fashion Statement

The sideways cross is a modern interpretation of the traditional cross pendant, with the crossbar positioned horizontally rather than vertically.

This new orientation adds a contemporary and stylish element to the classic symbol. Sideways cross necklaces are available in various styles, sizes, and materials, allowing individuals to find one that suits their personal taste and complements their wardrobe.

Whether layered with other necklaces or worn alone, these pieces make a bold yet subtle statement.

The trend of wearing sideways cross jewelry has gained popularity due to its versatility. It can be dressed up or down, making it suitable for casual everyday wear or adding a touch of elegance to formal attire.

The sideways cross design also appeals to those who may not identify with a specific religious belief but still appreciate the symbol’s cultural and historical significance.

Celebrities and Sideways Cross Symbolism

Celebrities have played a significant role in popularizing the sideways cross. Many high-profile personalities, such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Aniston, and Katy Perry, have been spotted wearing sideways cross necklaces, sparking interest and curiosity among their fans.

sideways-cross worn by celebrities

While the exact meaning behind their choice of jewelry may vary, the sideways cross has been associated with various symbolic interpretations.

Some see the sideways cross as a way to make a fashion statement, while others view it as a symbol of faith and spirituality. The horizontal placement of the cross has been described as a representation of humility, reminding individuals to approach life with a humble and open mindset.

Additionally, the sideways cross has been associated with the concept of embracing change and challenging traditional norms.

As its popularity continues to rise, individuals can choose to wear it for its fashion appeal, symbolize their faith or spirituality, or embrace its unique interpretation. Whatever the reason may be, the sideways cross holds meaning and significance for those who wear it.

Controversies and Criticisms

Religious Oppositions and Misinterpretations

While the sideways cross has gained popularity as a fashion trend in recent years, it has also faced criticisms and oppositions, mainly from religious communities.

Some conservative Christians view the sideways cross as a deviation from the traditional upright cross symbol, which they believe should only be displayed in its proper vertical position.

They argue that wearing the sideways cross cheapens the true meaning of the cross and may be seen as a form of disrespect or ignorance toward religious beliefs.

It’s important to note that the interpretation of religious symbols can vary among different denominations and cultures. For some, the sideways cross may still hold religious significance.

In fact, some Christian groups interpret the sideways cross as representing humility and a willingness to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, who carried his cross in a horizontal manner. These interpretations highlight the diversity of religious beliefs and practices.

Cultural Appropriation: Sideways Cross in Fashion

Another controversial aspect surrounding the sideways cross is its appropriation in the fashion industry.

Critics argue that the use of religious symbols for fashion purposes can be seen as insensitive and disrespectful, especially when it comes to symbols that hold deep meaning for certain religious groups.

They believe that wearing the sideways cross purely as a fashion statement can trivialize the religious significance of the symbol and create a sense of cultural commodification.

It’s important for individuals to be mindful of the cultural and religious implications when incorporating symbols like the sideways cross into their fashion choices. Understanding the historical and cultural significance of symbols can help avoid unintentional disrespect or offense.

It’s essential for individuals to consider the perspectives of religious communities and the potential impact of their fashion choices when wearing symbols with deep religious symbolism.

By fostering understanding and respect, individuals can navigate these controversies and ensure cultural sensitivity in their personal style expressions.

Sideways Cross in Other Cultures and Religions

Sideways Cross in Judaism

In Judaism, the sideways cross represents the ancient Hebrew letter “Tav.” The letter “Tav” symbolizes the mark placed on individuals to identify them as part of God’s chosen people. However, the sideways cross does not hold the same religious significance in Judaism as it does in Christianity.

Sideways Cross in Other Spiritual Practices

The sideways cross has also found its place in other spiritual practices and beliefs outside of Christianity. For example, in Hinduism, the sideways cross is associated with the Swastika, a symbol representing well-being, good fortune, and spirituality. The Swastika predates its association with Nazi Germany and has been used for centuries in the Indian subcontinent.

In addition, the sideways cross has gained popularity in fashion and as a symbol of personal expression. Many people wear sideways cross necklaces or incorporate the symbol into their jewelry to represent their faith or spiritual beliefs.

It has become a trendy and fashionable accessory that is both stylish and meaningful to those who wear it.

stainless steel sideways cross bracelet clasp on side vintage gray 9

It’s important to note that symbols can have different meanings and interpretations across various cultures and religions. The sideways cross may hold significance in one belief system but not in another.

Therefore, it’s essential to understand the cultural and religious context in which a symbol is being used to avoid misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

In conclusion, the sideways cross holds different meanings and symbolism across cultures and religions.

While in Christianity, it is a representation of the cross of Jesus Christ and serves as a reminder of His sacrifice, in other spiritual practices, it may symbolize other concepts such as well-being or personal expression.

It’s crucial to appreciate and respect the diverse meanings assigned to symbols and to understand the cultural and religious context in which they are used.

Is it okay to wear the sideways cross if you are not Christian?

Ultimately, fashion and jewelry are a means of personal expression that can hold different meanings for different people.

As long as one wears something respectfully and not to intentionally offend, there is usually room for people of various beliefs and backgrounds to appreciate and partake in wearing cultural symbols.

The sideways cross seems to have been adopted widely enough in mainstream fashion that it’s generally not seen as exclusively belonging to one religion.

However, if someone feels uncomfortable wearing it due to their own beliefs, that choice should also be respected. An open and considerate dialogue about the diversity of meanings in jewelry and fashion allows for mutual understanding.

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