5 Stunning Viking Bracelets To Up Your Wrist Game


If you are into fashion and love a wide variety of jewelry, you may have heard of Viking Bracelets. Viking jewelry has become popular since it was discovered by archaeologists. People were fascinated by the beautiful designs of this jewelry and couldn’t wait to match it with their clothes.

As you are aware, jewelry completes an outfit. It elevates a standard fit by commanding attention and presence while adding a touch of class. While chains and earrings are great for accessorizing, your wrists are where it all comes together.

When subtlety isn’t your game, your wrist accessories often call for a more dramatic approach to help you stand out. Here are some simple ways to improve your wrist game that will get people talking.

Today we will focus our attention on 5 Viking style Bracelets to upgrade your wrist game. Why, Viking Bracelets? Well the reasons behind this choice are many, here are just a few


6 Good Reasons to Wear Viking bracelets

  1. Viking bracelets are lovely and one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry that can be worn by both men and women.
  2. Viking bracelets are an excellent way to add a touch of Viking flair to your outfit.
  3. Viking bracelets were typically made of iron or silver and served as a status symbol as well as a form of currency. Torcs, which were made of twisted metal, were the most valuable Viking bracelets.
  4. They were frequently inscribed with runes, which were used to cast spells or tell fortunes. Others depict Norse mythological creatures such as the Wolf, Dragon, or Bear. These animals were thought to provide protection and power to those who wore them.
  5. Viking bracelets were worn by both men and women, as well as children. In fact, some of the most beautiful Viking bracelets were designed specifically for women.
  6. There are only so many accessories one can add to an outfit, and even fewer for men A beautiful bracelet, arm cuff, or watch can complement any outfit.

Below we have selected a few Viking-style bracelets  we’d recommend to level up your wrist game

Rune Bracelet

if you are looking for a stylish bracelet not only aesthetically but also with meaning, the rune bracelet might be just right for you. The Vikings left a large number of documents in stone, wood, and metal, all written in the enigmatic rune symbols.

They used these symbols not only for writing but also for fortune-telling, spell casting, and protection. What better way to embrace the Viking spirit with a rune bracelet?

Each rune represents a specific meaning, so you can choose the one that best suits yourself or the person you want to gift to

tiwaz rune viking bracelet

Mjolnir bracelet

Mjölnir also called Thor’s hammer is a fearsome weapon in Norse mythology that can destroy entire mountains with a single blow, can shoot lightning and returns to his hand when thrown.

It is the most potent weapon in Norse mythology for this very reason Thor’s hammer was worn by the Vikings as an amulet, charm, and other pieces of jewelry like bracelets. Many Viking-era necklaces and bracelets with this symbol have been discovered by archeologists.

Thor’s hammer was thought to be useful in battle for protection against the enemy, as well as having magical properties and the ability to bless or consecrate.

silver mjolnir bracelet

Axe Bracelet

In this list of Viking bracelets, we could not miss this now iconic Viking symbol. For the common Viking warrior who could not afford to carry a sword into battle, axes were the weapon of choice.

Combat axes were light enough to swing with one hand while still delivering a mortal wound. For these reasons, they become very popular and associated with them.

silver viking axe wrap bracelet

Thor’s Hammer Stainless Steel bracelet

If you are not a fan of leather then a metal bracelet is the way to go. Stainless steel would be our first choice because is a very robust material it does not fade and it can be worn while showering, which we do not recommend for leather bracelets.

In this example the stainless steel chain is paired with a small Mjolnir, making it a more subtle version than other choices and very comfortable on the wrist

Stainless steel Viking bracelet

Vegvisir bracelet

A Viking bracelet is an accessory that provides power and protection to its wearer. So why not choose a powerful Viking Symbol? In this case, the Vegvisir symbol would be our 1st choice. It is a well-known and powerful symbol of protection.

It was discovered in an ancient manuscript, with the following description: “If someone carries this symbol with him, he will never lose his way in a storm or in bad weather, even if he travels along a road unknown to him.” See also our article Viking Symbols and their meaning

Vegvisir viking bracelet


Looking good at this point in the season is simple. But just because your style has been reduced to a few of your favorite items doesn’t mean you should stop trying. When you’re not at work, you’re probably wearing white T-shirts and cotton shorts, so a handmade bracelet will liven things up a little.

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