Is Thor Fat In Norse Mythology? The Truth Revealed

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Thor is one of the most popular and well-known Norse gods. He is often celebrated in contemporary pop culture, appearing in comic books, movies, and video games. However, some people have questioned whether Thor is actually fat in Norse mythology.

Some believe that Thor’s large size was meant to symbolize his strength and power. Others argue that Thor’s girth was simply a way to make him more relatable to the average person. Regardless of his exact size, Thor is definitely one of the most iconic mythological gods.

Who is Thor in Norse Mythology?

Thor is the Norse god of thunder who wields a hammer called mjölnir. which is used to create thunder and lightning. He is the son of Odin and Fjorgyn, and is often accompanied by his friends Loki and Thorin.

Thor defends Asgard, the home of the gods and is also a protector of mankind and frequently battles giants and other creatures. He is also the husband of Sif a fertility goddess, and they have a daughter named Thrud.

He had two sons, Magni and Modi, with his mistress, the giantess Jarnsaxa. Thor is assisted by Thialfi, his servant and the gods’ messenger. Thor is portrayed as a powerful, brave, and wise god.

Thor is the embodiment of power. His battle chariot is drawn by two goats, and the lightning that flashes across the sky is caused by his hammer the Mjolnir.

Thor is the most “barbarian” of the deities, being rugged, powerful, and living by his own rules, despite his devotion to the rest of the Aesir. Thursday (Thorsdaeg) is a holy day for him.


What Does Thor Look Like in Norse Mythology?

According to Norse Mythology, Thor is frequently described as big and brawny with fierce eyes, red hair, and a red beard. He is said to be very handsome, and his eyes are said to shine like the sun. He is often depicted carrying a hammer, which is said to be capable of destroying anything it strikes.

His god-like strength is said to be superhuman in size. However, it is not specified how big and strong he is, leaving plenty of room for fanciful interpretation and vigorous contestation of the various representations of Thor in mass media.

In many ways, he was the ideal warrior: brave, strong, and fiercely loyal to his friends and family. He was also known for his temper and was often quick to anger. However, he was also incredibly generous and was always willing to help those in need.

Is Thor Fat in Norse Mythology?

Some fans of Nordic Mythology have speculated that Thor may have been considered overweight by today’s standards, he was known for his great appetite, passion for food, feasting, and drinking, and he once ate an entire cow by himself!

The Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda by Snorri contain the majority of the Norse Mythology we know and love. The poem The Lay of Thrym, tells the story of Thor deceiving a giant who stole the hammer Mjolnir in an ill-fated attempt to claim Freyja as his wife. Thor disguises himself as Freyja and consumes entire animals and barrels of mead before revealing his true identity.

thor dressing as bride in the poem The Lay of Thrym

Thor dressing as the bride

Extract from the story:

“Day soon became evening, and ale was brought to the giants’ table. There Thor ate an ox and eight whole salmons, in addition to all the dainties that were served to the women. Furthermore, he drank three measures of mead”

In The Tale of Utgarda-Loki, Thor competes in a drinking contest. Skrymir, alias Utgarda-Loki, teased the thunder god by claiming that any of his guests could empty his horn in three gulps. Thor, on the other hand, was unaware that he was being duped because the horn was linked to the sea itself.

The god drank three mighty gulps before quitting, nearly draining the entire sea in the process.


Thor’s drinking quest

Thor was known for his insatiable appetite, and these are classic examples. He was the people’s god, so he could fight, binge and feast with the best of them. As a result, he was widely regarded as a large, muscular man with a great appetite and thirst. But, once again, this is not to say he was fat or unhealthy.

Why is Thor fat in Avengers: Endgame?

There are many possible reasons why Marvel decided to make Thor fat. One possibility is that they wanted to show that anyone can be a superhero, regardless of their size or appearance.

Another possibility is that they wanted to add some humor to the character, and having a fat Thor was a way to do that. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that Marvel put a lot of thought into the decision, and it’s one that has been received well by fans.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Thor In God of War: Ragnarok

Thor’s appearance in the game God of War: Ragnarok is similar to the ending of God of War, but he is burly and thick waisted; with a large, rather obese but still muscular and heavily built figure, perhaps accurately depicting Mimir’s description of him as a “fat dobber.”

Eric Williams the director of Sony Santa Monica describes his Thor as a “big, burly, hedonistic man-child” who is a “little off-kilter than the Thor people know right now.”

THOR God of War Ragnarok PlayStation Studios

How Strong Is Thor in Norse Mythology?

In Norse myth, Thor is the god of thunder and one of the most powerful deities. He is said to be able to crush mountains with his bare hands and once killed a giant with just a single blow from his hammer. Thor is also known for his courage and strength in battle, and he is often depicted as being invincible.


In conclusion, while there is no definitive answer to whether Thor is fat in Norse mythology, the evidence seems to suggest that he is not. This conclusion is based on both the descriptions of Thor in the literature and the physical representations of him in art.

While it is possible that Thor’s girth was exaggerated for comic effect, it is more likely that he was portrayed as being physically imposing, but not overweight.

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