Leather bracelet men are the trendy accessory this summer

leather bracelet men

Great as a gift idea at Christmas, for an anniversary, birthday, Valentine’s Day or other occasions, leather bracelet men are an impressive solution and much loved by men of all ages.

Men’s jewelry doesn’t always receive the attention it deserves, either because of a false myth that prefers a man without bracelets or for a simpler matter of practicality.

Even if some men may eventually become hesitant to wear jewelry, there will always be an option to accessorize in a stylish way

Leather bracelets are the best thing any man can wear as they have a laid-back, playful, and relaxed feel that men can wear without feeling out of place.

A lack that must be made up for, by re-evaluating all those brands and designs that reinterpret the jewel in a more rock and sporty key. A perfect example are leather bracelet men, an accessory that is as simple as it is impactful and represents the ideal conclusion to a sophisticated look with an informal touch.

You can wear them in the office under a classic shirt, to break the rigid elegance of the garment with a more casual twist, or you can choose to combine them in a street look as part of a construction rich in details and accessories.

Being the summer period, a proposal for leisure time cannot be missing: from the beach to the mountain, the leather bracelet is the style attention that will make your outfit take a leap forward. For those who are still undecided and for those who are looking for the right model, here are 5 leather bracelets to buy now

To help you choose the right model for you without spending time we have selected some of the best leather bracelet men available in our store, comfortable solutions, easy to wear and very versatile.

Leather bracelet men styles for this summer

With a sporty and informal design, this bracelet is made of leather braided with a double row for a more cuff look.

The smooth, semi-glossy surface clasp in a versatile antique bronze color goes well with the warm color of the brown leather. To be worn with casual and daytime looks, it can be used both in the office and in your free time.

Leather bracelet men

Simple but Elegant in design, this leather bracelet is the image of a classic, yet casual elegance that is not afraid to play with the combinations of distressed leather and the elegance of the polished steel clasp.

The stainless steel and the contrast of the leather, give brightness and character to the entire accessory. A timeless classic that will never go out of fashion.

Braided leather bracelet

Simple and essential design that recalls both the accessories of the 70s and their reinterpretation of street 90s. The brown leather is slightly rough and opaque, for a look that cares more about substance than appearance.

Its sporty and masculine design is clearly not for everyone, but only for decisive and confident men who know what they want. The antique bronze-colored clasp gives it that rustic touch that perfectly complements its rugged style.

Rugged Mens leather bracelet

braided bracelet t bar bronze clasp 1

Designed for a more sophisticated wardrobe and elegant evening occasions, this leather bracelet with steel inserts is the accessory to pair with a sophisticated look for an extra touch of sparkle.

The matte vintage black leather strap is finished with subtle lettering, all unified in clean and refined linearity.

Its particular shape is suitable for both young and old, and this bracelet, despite being of excellent quality is very reasonably priced, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a gift that doesn’t cost too much.

Mens Leather Bracelet

Can rusticity and elegance coexist? at Surflegacy we think so, and this leather bracelet is the proof, one of our bestsellers ever appreciated by all for its practicality and simplicity without ever being boring or trivial.

To be paired with other bracelets will certainly enhance the ‘look. Very versatile, easy to wear and suitable for men and women of all ages.


Not everyone loves simplicity to the bitter end: many prefer originality and a touch of extravagance to express their tastes and personality.

For those who want a distinctive accessory, there is the bracelet inspired by the nautical world, with a herringbone leather strap and a central buckle in the shape of an anchor with a brass finish.

Perfect to wear during the day, this accessory can also be worn on the beach for a total nautical look.


anchor bracelet

Much like leather bracelets, beaded bracelets are an excellent option for a cool addition to casual wear. These are bracelets that any man can wear with different outfits.

Denim can work properly with these tones.  It can be great to wear wooden beads for a warmer, summery look. Be sure to choose rounder, smaller beads that can blend perfectly with any watch or outfit so you won’t have trouble standing out.

bead bracelet

Great to give as gifts for any occasion, leather bracelets are very easy to wear accessories, perfect for those who love to collect these items and are very versatile as well as able to complete various types of looks.

Men’s leather bracelets, like metal bracelets, are masculine, and their formalities can be played with. Wider cuffs are considered more casual, whereas finer, thinner bracelets are considered chicer.

Leather cuff bracelet

Leather bracelets can be woven or simply a single piece of leather wrapped once or twice around the wrist and tied or closed with a press stud or clasp fastening.

Moreover, unlike metallic bracelets, leather contrasts well against watch dials, nicely complementing the wrist as you stack your bracelet and timepiece on the same arm.

Shop Leather Bracelet Men

At Surflegacy we have classic bracelets, with a vintage look, casual or more modern, minimalist and with special inserts.

Whether you are looking for a special gift for men or simply to add a cool piece to your collection, we are confident we have the right leather bracelet men for your needs. Visit the store here


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