How To Stack Bracelets The Complete Guide

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With the layered look becoming more widely known, we’ve gathered all of the techniques and advice on how to stack bracelets to turn you into a stacking pro. Stacking multiple bracelets on your wrist is a lot of fun.

It manages to add some zing and brightness to your overall look and it allows us to show off our personality, but it has to be done the right way or it could be messy and have the opposite effect.

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How to stack bracelets

Many people are perplexed about how to stack bracelets. If this has been a problem for you, let us give you some pointers on how to stack bracelets the proper way.

Multiple bracelets wrapped around your wrist create a fun textured look that can range from bohemian chic to modern rock. Keep reading for bracelet stacking tips if you’re not sure how to wear multiple bracelets.

Bracelet stacking is all about changing your appearance and looking fashionable. If you have a lot of bracelets, think about the endless possibilities for stacking as you rearrange the different pieces and make different pairs. The best part is that stacking bracelets look great with any outfit.

First and foremost, if you’re wondering where to begin with stacking bracelets, you should start with a small collection. Purchase bracelets in a variety of colors, textures, sizes, and materials. You can then easily mix and match them depending on the occasion.

Woman wrist with stack bracelets

For example, if you want an edgy look, stack leather bracelets with metal bracelets. If you want a more feminine look, stack the beaded bracelets with thin bangles.


There are no strict rules when it comes to stacking bracelets. It’s more about knowing what look you want to achieve and using the right combination to accomplish it.

What does it mean to stack bracelets?

Stacking bracelets is the practice of wearing a variety of bracelets together, also known as layering. Most people prefer to wear their favorite bracelet with a variety of other bracelets, mixing colors and styles.

When these various bracelets are combined, they create a unique and bold look that you cannot achieve with just one bracelet.

Bracelets can also refer to watches, Fitbits, or allergy bracelets! Basically, anything you wear around your wrist. Not only can you jazz up everyday items like a fitness band, but you can also reinvent an old piece, that you would never worn solo by layering it.

What kind of bracelets can I stack?

Theoretically, you can stack any style of bracelet you like, but in our experience, some types of bracelets are better suited for this purpose than others:


The beaded bracelet is an increasingly popular accessory, with traditional colored or plastic beads or metal beads for a more modern, contemporary look.

A thin or medium-thick breaded bracelet is an excellent way to dress up any stack. Circular beads provide a textural break from any solid pieces you combine them with, and they also lie differently than bracelets such as bangles or cuffs, adding movement and life to your stack.

beaded bracelets stacked


This sophisticated accessory, with precious gemstones studded evenly around the wrist, adds a high-end look to any outfit. It is frequently regarded as an investment piece and is typically thin, chic, and elegant. While some may be hesitant to mix more delicate, refined pieces, such as a tennis bracelet, with edgier, less expensive pieces in a bracelet stack, keep in mind that this can be a very effective and stylish look.

Combining two different jewelry tones and levels, as well as different weights and thicknesses, results in a funky statement look that can really elevate an everyday outfit. Consider how your favorite celebrities mix high-street clothing with high-end fashion accessories, and vice versa – there’s something about this technique that just works.

Tennis bracelets will always have a classically timeless allure, but they can also be styled in a modern way. Make your diamond tennis bracelet the focal point of your stack for a cool, modern look. Its sleek design means it will blend in, but those signature diamonds will ensure it stands out.

Combine your classic white gold tennis bracelet with less traditional styles to dress up your wrist with a look that can take you from day to night. If for some occasions a tennis bracelet is too sparkling you can tone it down and make it more casual, wearing it with a dark beaded bracelet and a watch.

tennis bracelet stack


A cuff resembles a bangle in shape and appearance, but the main difference is that it usually has an open and close clasp or an open bottom to wear, they are gently detached and closed to fit the wearer’s wrist.

A cuff provides a trendy block canvas to combine with other stackable pieces, and its thickness can make it appear more or less delicate.


A classic round, a solid bracelet that appears to have been around for eons. Bangles are typically slid on over the hand, so they fit more loosely around the wrist. They vary in width but are generally thicker and less flexible than other bracelets.

A bangle is a classic piece that is perfect for adding to your bracelet stack. When stacked with more textural pieces, such as medium-chain bracelets, it adds a lot of variety.

bangle bracelets stacked


Chain bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with varying thicknesses and link shapes. The most common types of links are square links, round links, and oval links. Many chain bracelets include a statement charm near the clasp or in the center.

Chain pieces are one of our favorite options for adding texture and interest to your bracelet stack because they are so versatile and understated.

It’s nearly impossible to go wrong with a sturdier, chunkier chain bracelet for a bit of edge, or a thinner, more delicate chain bracelet (or one of each in and amongst your stack!). Combine a chain bracelet with a solid bangle for a striking textural contrast.

stack bracelets


Last but not least leather bracelets. Among the various choices is also one of our favorite ones, because they offer a wide selection of styles and colors that can be matched with all other types of bracelets and with dedication and time they can give a lot of satisfaction even with just a simple combination of two bracelets.

One of our favorite options is to match a  braided leather bracelet with a beaded bracelet, simple but effective.

skull bead bracelet stacked with braided bracelet

How do I begin stacking bracelets?

There are numerous ways to stack bracelets. Some people prefer symmetry in their bracelet stacking, while others (like me) enjoy curious chaos. What exactly is curious chaos, you ask? It’s when you stack multiple bracelets on your wrists in an unorthodox way that feels great and looks amazing.

There is no rhyme or reason, only style intuition. I love it when someone asks where I got my bracelets or what they mean because a stack is so intriguing. Collect your favorite pieces and arrange them according to size, color, and style.

Look for bracelets that complement one another and be selective when putting together your first groupings. Consider your desired look (edgy, feminine, sophisticated, etc.) and select pieces that complement your chosen style. Consider your clothing and the colors you’re wearing.

Remember to start small and experiment with only a few bracelets at first and it’s also part of the fun. Begin mixing them up as you get more comfortable. Try different textures, colors, and shapes. To add some edge to your stack, look for clean cuts and geometric shapes such as circles, pyramids, and triangles.

Combine beaded, cuffs, and chains. When it comes to stacking, you won’t like the idea of always matching things. If you’re satisfied, try new combinations. Who says you have to conform to the norm? So long as it’s done well! If you want to rock a big stack, add more bracelets!

An anchor piece, or a centerpiece bracelet, around which to build your stack is a good starting point. Building your bracelet stack should be simple once you’ve decided on your centerpiece! Simply seek out complementary pieces and proceed from there.

How many bracelets can I stack?

This is entirely up to you, but keep in mind the thickness of your bracelets. If you’re wearing thinner pieces, the sky’s the limit in terms of how many you can stack without tiring out your wrist. When stacking bracelets, keep in mind that you should not cover more than a third of your forearm.

If your bracelets are a little thicker, a popular stacking strategy is to wear three bracelets for maximum variation while still leaving some breathing room on your wrist. More than three pieces may appear crowded, while fewer than three may give the impression that you are wearing only one bracelet.

Some bracelet stacking experts recommend wearing at least two bracelets but no more than seven, as this can become uncomfortably heavy and overpower your outfit. However, there are no rules! Stack as many bracelets as you think will look good together.

man wearing bracelet on both hands

How to stack bracelets with a watch

The best way to stack bracelets with a watch is when you match the watch and the bracelet in a subtle, non-obtrusive way. The end result will be something that appears effortless while also blending in beautifully.

Especially with watches with polished metal parts you have to be careful and try to tone down the shining of the metal, this is very true, especially with guys that do not like having too much-sparking light on their wrist. Lava or wooden beaded bracelets are best used to tone down metal parts.


How to stack bracelets with an Apple watch watch

Apple watches and smartwatches are a bit different than regular watches because they usually come with a variety of band option colors, so you can start there and then choose your bracelets accordingly.

When wearing bracelets with your watch, matching the colors can help improve the look of your wrist game and make the bracelet blend in better.

Going all in and matching the bracelet with the watch and strap may be too much for some guys in terms of color coordination, but if you think you can pull it off, go ahead and do it. You can also wear it with just one bracelet, such as a tennis bracelet.

bangle bracelets stacked wih apple watch

Tips for stacking bracelets

The beauty of stacking bracelets is that it can be used for a variety of looks. Bracelet stacking allows you to express your personality while also changing up your look at any time. When you swap out different pieces, rearrange the order, and pair different bracelets together, you can create an almost infinite number of wrist options.

Bracelet pairing is a bit of an art, but there is some strategy involved in matching up pieces that work well together. Learning to pair pieces that complement one another and create a specific look will get you started on the path to bracelet stardom. Here are a few tips that will certainly help you.

1 Choose a focal point

Choose a statement bracelet to be the focal point of your stack. While all bracelets can be equally eye-catching, having one bracelet stand out creates a focal point and allows the others to take a back seat while balancing and accenting the entire ensemble.

Choose your favorite bracelet, a bangle that is overly colorful, or one that is a different material or color than the others in your stack to do this. Alternatively, your watch can be the focal point, with bracelets flanking either side.

2 Select the number of bracelets you want to stack

Before you dive into the world of layers, decide how many bracelets you want to stack. This will help you narrow down your bangle options and make it easier to begin putting them together.

Three is usually the magic layering number. Use this as your foundation; you can always add more or subtract more depending on the look you want.

Once you’ve decided how many bracelets you want to wear, you can start thinking about the fun stuff like gemstones, colors, and materials. However, keep in mind these rules:

  • The quantity can vary significantly depending on the size of the bracelets you’ve chosen and the look you’re going for.
  • Keep the number between three and five if you’re including a watch or larger pieces in your stack.
  • You can and should wear many more bracelets with small beaded strands (or any thin bracelets).
  • As a general rule, don’t cover more than one-third of your forearm.

While an arm full of tiny colorful bracelets has its place (for example, at a festival), don’t forget that variety is key when it comes to creating the perfect, visually appealing stack.

Avoid the temptation to wear a matching set of bangles (even if you got a great deal on them at Target) and instead wear a few and toss the rest back into your jewelry box to mix and match.

3 Start small

If you’re intimidated by bracelet stacking, start with just a few bracelets. Bracelets do not have to cover your entire arm from wrist to elbow. Instead, select three or four bracelets in the same style. This could be a group of bangles made of the same material with similar accents, or a few bangles with a chunky link bracelet thrown in for good measure.

Starting small eases you into the concept of wearing multiple pieces at once. As you gain confidence in your bracelet-stacking abilities, incorporate other pieces or gradually progress to wearing more bracelets at once. For example, combine a cuff bracelet, a gemstone bracelet, and a link bracelet.

When you’ve found a simple look you like, add a few extra bracelets the next time you wear it to broaden your options. You can also experiment with different materials and styles. Consider when you first started wearing makeup or a certain type of clothing.

You probably spent some time experimenting with various looks until you got it all figured out. Some outcomes were most likely superior to others. Bracelet stacking follows the same logic. You can recreate an online look, but experimenting with your existing pieces and adding a few new bracelets can help you find your signature style.

You might find a great combination of bracelets you never thought would go together.

small stack bracelets

4 Mix and match

Mixing and matching is an important part of creating the ideal bracelet stack. Changing the color of your stack is a quick and easy way to update it. When selecting color pops, whether it’s a pink leather wrap or a small beaded strand, keep your outfit for the day in mind.

You’ll want to use coordinating colors and avoid those that might clash. An all-metal bracelet stack is a classic look that is simple to pull off, and you most likely already have a few to get started. Metals such as gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum work well together.

Mix different sizes and textures, such as a leather wrap with bangles or a link and a watch. Small pieces should not be overshadowed by wearing them with extra-large bangles or cuffs. Be creative, have fun, and let your personal style shine when it comes to mixing and matching!

5 Textures, colors, and materials

Choose your colors, textures, and materials last. This is where you can truly personalize your bracelet stack. Begin with the materials and colors. Choose bracelets made of the same material, such as gold or silver, to achieve a coordinated look.

After you have a couple of gold bangles, select a gold bracelet with additional accents, such as studded gemstones, or one that is in a different shape than the other bracelets, such as a chain. Incorporate multiple metals such as white, yellow, and rose gold to create a three-toned look that is bright and modern.

Choose thread, beads, leather, or gemstones if you want to avoid metals. These materials add texture to your look and help it stand out. For example, if you adorn your wrist with colorful threads and beads, you’re leaning toward the boho-chic trend of the 1970s. Alternatively, if you go for a lot of chains and gemstones, you’ll have a more modern look.

Beads and leathers have been extremely popular this year. Beads are our favorite 90s throwback trend, reminding us of pop art and childhood friendship bracelets. Choose a mix of bright neon beads interspersed with fun icons for a splash of color that’s ideal for summer.

Leather has dominated the runway, and it can be thin and dainty or oversized and chunky. Thin leather bracelets are an excellent choice for a filler or as accents they give you the choice of colors, allowing you to highlight some summer outfits. A silver cuff paired with a leather wrap bracelet is an elegant look. Add a macrame woven cord bracelet or a rose gold buffalo horn for a stronger, more masculine look.

Try bracelets with similar color tones, such as black, brown, and grey, for a more discrete look. Using a variety of textures will keep your stack from looking boring and uniform. Color is always welcome, especially in the summer when you want your stack to look playful and casual.

6 Choose the right fit

Although this may be obvious and taken for granted often when buying online we act on an impulse and often the wrist size is guessed. Correct sizing is important to avoid having bracelets hanging out too much or being tight, even the most beautiful bracelet if does not fit right can lose appeal.

To correctly measure your wrist just take a measuring tape and wrap it on top of your wrist bone. The number given is your wrist circumference usually you do not have to add anything extra because the seller has already calculated it for comfort fit if you have any doubt just reach out and ask.

how to mesure your wrist circumference


When it comes to stacking bracelets Embrace your style and individuality, there is no one-size-fits-all approach or rule. When putting your outfit together, let your personal style shine through your bracelet’s stacks. And most important, have fun when experimenting with different bracelet combinations, fashion has been serious for a long time.

Where to find the ideal bracelet

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