How To Wear Bracelets The Ultimate guide

how to wear bracelets

You will no longer struggle to style your accessories correctly. This handy guide will teach you everything you need to know on how to wear bracelets (for necklaces see our guide here ). A bracelet is a type of jewelry that is typically worn around the wrist. Metal, plastic, and other synthetic materials are commonly used, as are natural materials such as wood, leather, or stone. Bracelets have been worn for centuries to represent everything from rank to personality. They were used to show social status in ancient Egypt, and they were a sign of mourning in the Victorian era.

Furthermore, bracelets can be presented to your significant other as a meaningful gift, so if you’re not sure what to get her or him, a bracelet is a great option.

Your wrist doesn’t have to be just for your watch. Bracelets are a great accessory that can make or break an outfit.

Bracelets are still among the most beautiful and timeless pieces of jewelry that a man/woman can purchase for himself/herself. They add a perfect touch of class and glamour to any outfit when worn correctly.

once you learn to master your style game with a bracelet there is no turning back! You’ll stand out from the crowd. Allow these bracelet-wearing tips to assist you in creating one-of-a-kind looks. You’ll be surprised at how simple accessories can transform an otherwise boring look into one that commands attention.

But before we delve into this topic, we need to decide what style of bracelet we want to wear, because it makes a huge difference

Which Bracelet Style Should You Wear?

Bracelets come in a variety of styles. Some are embellished with beads, others with charms, and still others are plain metal or leather Each bracelet has a distinct design that can be worn for a special occasion or simply to add a little flair to your outfit.

Some people like to buy bracelets as gifts for others, but finding the perfect one can be difficult. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you find the perfect bracelet to give as a gift or wear yourself.

Choosing a bracelet that matches your personality can be difficult. This, however, is only the tip of the iceberg. Once you’ve found the right one for you, it’s important to style it so that it enhances your overall look.

For ease of reading, we have grouped the various styles of bracelets into 4 main categories:

Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are very popular among men. Wear leather bracelets when you want to look more masculine and sophisticated without overdoing. The softer, lighter material than classic metal bracelets also makes them more comfortable on the wrist. Leather bracelets improve with time and wear, achieving that vintage effect that many people like, just like a pair of jeans that gets nicer and more comfortable over time. Braided leather bracelets help you look both classy and stylish. If you want to keep things simple, go with a single loop. They are overall inexpensive if compared to metal bracelets especially those made with precious metals


Cuff Bracelets

Cuff bracelets are for those who like to add subtle details to their outfits. They are usually made of leather and have a classic bad boy appearance. will complement better with casual and outfits. Lately, we have seen also some leather cuff bracelets with a more minimalist approach the width is usually shorter and is also appreciated by women.

leather cuff bracelet

Beaded bracelets

Beaded bracelets are a good choice for everyday wear because they are light and fun.. The good news is that they are available in a variety of sizes and number of bead layers. Wearing gemstone ones helps to keep your anxiety at bay, which is the icing on the cake. The downside is that for some people they might look all very similar to each others.

beaded bracelet


Metal Bracelets

Metal bracelets give you a more sophisticated look then a leather bracelet. This is probably the most upscale style of men’s bracelets, and it’s the one you’ll see paired with suits and ties. The flavor options are nearly limitless, but the overall effect is the same: a single solid, bold statement on your wrist. It’s uncluttered, masculine, and a little brash. When you want something with a little flash and swagger, a single metal bracelet is ideal. Combine it with simple but elegant (and dressy) clothing and let it speak for itself every time it peeks out from beneath your cuffs. The best part is that you don’t have to remove them even when taking a shower, if they are made of stainless steel or metals like gold or sterling silver. For some people, they might look a bit too cold and heavy. So if comfort is important to you they probably are not the optimal choice.

Stainless steel Cross Bracelet

metal bracelet with anchor

How to wear Bracelets

When it comes to wearing accessories, whether you are a man or a woman, you don’t want to make a mistake. After all, you wear accessories to enhance your overall appearance, not diminish it.

How to wear one bracelet

This is the most basic and straightforward way to wear bracelets. Begin with one or two bracelets on one wrist. You’re finished.

If you wear a watch, wear your bracelet on the opposite hand, or leave the watch at home and just wear the bracelet. Check that the widths of your watch and bracelets aren’t too similar (visual weight) – a thicker watch necessitates a thinner bracelet.

By selecting a subtle color from your outfit, use a bracelet to tie your look together. Match the color or tone of your bracelet to the base tone of your shirt or a button. For a bracelet that goes with everything, stick to natural colors like wood or leather.

Wear a minimalist bracelet that makes a statement when you want to be your most stylish self without going overboard. The best part is that you can pull it off with a formal outfit as well.

If you’re wearing a black or blue suit or dress, a metallic bracelet will instantly make you look more stylish. Another factor to consider is the length of your sleeve. Wearing a bracelet with a full-sleeved outfit would be inappropriate. Even if it does manage to peek out, it will make you appear obnoxious for no reason. If you’re wondering whether wearing a bracelet means you shouldn’t wear any other accessories, don’t be. In fact, you can pair them with accessories such as rings and necklaces to create a stunning ensemble.


Wearing multiple bracelets

If you think the color of your bracelet should match your outfit, don’t worry about it. It is not fashionable. Looking casual is the new thing to aim for if you want to look stylish. There are numerous ways to experiment with your wristbands. Layering is one of the tricks to looking effortlessly stylish.

This is the desired influencer vibe that many of us secretly wish to emulate. Several bracelets are worn together on one wrist to give the appearance of being well-traveled, carefree, and unique.


Many bracelets sliding up and down your arm look great in photos, but it is difficult to wear on a daily basis. Sit in front of a computer all day? When placing your wrists on the keyboard or mouse, the stacked approach can be uncomfortable… Not to mention that you might end up looking like a Bollywood backup dancer.

Begin by stacking no more than 2-3 bracelets. Wearing bracelets of the same color or metal is not a good idea. The best stack is one that incorporates a variety of colors and materials. Combine two beaded bracelets (lava stone or tiger’s eye) with a single natural-colored leather band.

Simply take two bracelets from your accessory collection and let them work their charm. If you’re wondering, no, I don’t have two of the same kind. They do not have to be! Layer different styles together to create a stunning look that people adore.

Experiment with different width bands to achieve an effortlessly casual look. For a more dramatic effect, use contrasting colors. Choose a fantastic bundle to simplify your life. While most people wear them on one hand, it is perfectly acceptable to wear them on both arms. Go for it if you’re edgy and want to add a casual element to your overall look. The key to mastering your accessories is to achieve a sense of balance. If you wear too much on both hands, you will look nothing short of a fashion disaster. If you’re styling bands on both wrists, make sure you follow the balancing principle. To put it simply, if you have a bold bracelet on one hand, balance your overall look with a minimalist one on the other.

How to wear bracelets with a watch

Is it possible to wear a watch and a bracelet together? Yes, You certainly can! It’s perfectly acceptable to wear a bracelet or two with your watch. Consider the type of bracelet and whether it will scratch your watch. Combining your bracelets with a watch is another way to wear them on one hand. Yes, you read that correctly. Taking this risk will help you capture people’s attention for all the right reasons.

Choose a sleek bracelet if you want to wear your bracelet and watch on the same hand without going overboard. Maintain the base of a watch on your left wrist, but add a thin bracelet. Then, on your right wrist, add a larger, bolder bracelet to complete the look.

Most guys will stop there, which is perfectly fine. However, if you want to go all out, wear multiple bracelets and your watch on your left wrist, and a mixed selection of bracelets made of different materials on your right wrist. This is the most daring step to take, and it requires a lot of trust in your aesthetic sense.

A good bracelet does what all good accessories do: it enhances and completes your outfit.

When styling with bracelets, keep visual weight in mind, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

You can always remove a bracelet if you decide it isn’t working for you. That is true for all accessories; you are free to change your mind and remove them. Play around and make a decision.

Wearing a wristband conveys self-assurance. It implies that you are concerned with your appearance.

Do you put your bracelet above or below your watch?

Wear it below your watch if you prefer a thinner bracelet and want it to draw attention. When you don’t want to create a strong color contrast, you can rely on this look. Wear a thicker bracelet above or below the watch. The goal is to achieve a sense of equilibrium.


Another factor to consider is the fit of your band. If it is looser than your watch, wear it beneath it so that it does not overlap with your watch and creates clutter instead of accentuating your look. Wearing a bracelet can act as a stopper to keep a loose watch from sliding around.

Should men wear bracelets on both wrists?

If you’re thinking about wearing bracelets on both wrists, I say go for it!

man wearing bracelet on both hands

Taking the first steps toward developing your own personal style can be difficult, but it will pay off in the end. Any guy who wears a watch on a regular basis is already halfway to wearing bracelets on both wrists.

To get used to wearing a bracelet on both arms, start by wearing one on the wrist opposite your watch.

After a few days or weeks, you’ll be used to wearing something eye-catching on both wrists. Then, add another bracelet to the wrist where you wear your watch. At this point, try not to overdo it — a thin bracelet will look best with your watch and can be balanced by a thicker bracelet on your other hand.

How many bracelets should you wear?

When you start wearing bracelets on both wrists on a regular basis, you’ll probably notice something: Bracelets are like potato chips or tattoos. It’s nearly impossible to limit yourself to just one!

So, how many bracelets can a guy wear without going overboard? That is heavily dependent on the style you want to achieve.

If you want to achieve the full “rock star” look then the sky is your limit, wear as many as you like as long as you feel confident wearing them and without looking out of place, but a more casual look might only need one or two bracelets per wrist.

Basically, if you feel awkward after wearing bracelets for a few weeks, there’s a good reason for it.

Wear only as much jewelry as you feel comfortable in, and experiment with adding or switching out a piece or two when your outfits become stale.

Here are a few pointers to get you started on personalizing your look:

  • Begin with the basics. Thin bracelets made of natural materials are an easy first choice, and they also work well as layering pieces.
  • Experiment with different width offsets. The best way to achieve this is to wear a thin bracelet with your watch and a thick bracelet on your other hand, creating a sense of balance and symmetry.
  • Combine your materials. Nothing says you can’t wear a thin leather cord bracelet with a heavy chain bracelet on the same wrist!

How to wear bracelets with small wrists

Many women are fed up with the fact that they have small wrists and that standard bracelet sizes do not fit them. Your bracelet will either slip right off your hand or reach your elbows, which isn’t a pretty sight for anyone. Some of the ladies abandoned their bracelets and bangles entirely because they couldn’t find a solution to their problem.

However, if you’re wondering How to Wear Bracelets with Small Wrists, you haven’t given up on the idea and are likely looking for a solution. I understand your pain, and I’d like to share some tips and hacks with you today so you can start wearing bracelets again without worrying about your tiny wrists.

1 Bracelet stacking

Bracelet stacking is the practice of wearing multiple bracelets from your personal collection together, also known as layering. This bracelet stacking style became popular in the twentieth century and is still popular today. It’s not going out of style anytime soon, in my opinion. People enjoy stacking because it allows them to express and flaunt their personality by wearing multiple pieces of jewelry from their personal collection together.

skull bead bracelet stacked with braided bracelet

Simple stacking without overdoing it

If you have small wrists and are frustrated by bracelets slipping out of your hands, stacking could be the solution. You can experiment with stacking bracelets of various types; there are no restrictions on what you can wear. The options for charm bracelets, crystal bracelets, tennis bracelets, leather bracelets, and cuff bracelets are virtually limitless.

So, let’s get to how to wear bracelets with small wrists.

Examine your collection for one or two bracelets that are a perfect fit for your wrists. Now Set those aside and begin with the largest bracelets first, gradually decreasing in size. The perfectly sized bracelet we set aside at the start would be the last.

Stacking allows you to keep large bracelets or bangles on your hands without having to worry about them sliding out of your small wrists.

2 Wear it alongside your watch

Some girls like to stack four to five bracelets with their watches, and you can do the same if you want. However, if you prefer a minimalistic approach to your clothing, you won’t want to stack a lot of bracelets with your watch. A simple bracelet with a good watch, such as the one shown below, would suffice.

No matter how small your wrists are, if your watch fits and you have a bracelet you want to wear, that’s all you’ll need.

Many people prefer to wear the watch first, followed by the bracelet, but since your wrists are too small for the bracelet, we will not do so. Wear the bracelet first and then watch so that it doesn’t slip out of your hand if you have small wrists.

3 Buy a bracelet that is adjustable or with removable links

You don’t have to be concerned about the size of a bracelet with removable links if you’re shopping for jewelry. All you have to do is go to a local jewelry store or a watchmaker and have some links removed to get the perfect size bracelet for your small wrists. Some bracelets also come with a short chain tail for extra adjustability, so it won’t be difficult to find the perfect fit

4 Buy wisely

Should you go for something bold and chunky, like stacked bracelets, or something sleek and delicate, like string bracelets? Consider which type of bracelet will look best against the backdrop of your arm, wrist, and hand before delving into matters of taste and style. When we say that the bracelet should fit your wrist size, we don’t just mean that it should fit around your wrist. The width of the band, the size of the beads and embellishments, and the overall weight of the bracelet are all important considerations. You want a bracelet that complements your appearance, which is why your bone structure is important to consider. This way you’ll know whether you want one that’s wide or narrow, simple or extravagant, solid or delicate. A man with small wrists, for example, might opt for a sleek double wrap leather bracelet. Unlike an enormous wide braided hemp bracelet, which would only overwhelm his frame, this will complement his features. A woman with small wrists should consider double-wrapped leather bracelets, they are ideal for hiding boniness without appearing too wide. An other way is wearing medium-sized round beaded bracelets – this is also an excellent opportunity to select a stone that represents something meaningful to you. Also Bracelets with substantial metal charms and closures, such as those from the nautical and cork collections – the charms add textural interest without being overpowering.

5 Get a custom-made bracelet

You can avoid all of the above by purchasing a custom-fitted bracelet, these days here are numerous places, including ourselves, where you can get exactly that. All you have to do is find a design and contact the vendor. Usually these places already display all the diffrent wrist circumference so after you have measured yours you have just to pick it up from the option window it’s a very easy and straigthforward process. If sizes are not available or you want a bracelet made from scratch then the best option is to send them an email. To avoid disappointment, hand in the correct measurements

How to measure your wrist circumference

When purchasing bracelets, most people do not consider the size.

They’ll choose the average circumference and be good to go. Wrong, chances that you pick up the wrong size are very high. All you have to do is measure the circumference of your wrists. Wrap a measuring tape snugly around your wrist and read the size on the tape.

how to mesure your wrist circumference

If you don’t have a measuring tape, a simple piece of string or a sheet of paper will do the job, then measure the length against a ruler and you are done. Check the size chart with the information at hand to see where the circumference falls. Choose the appropriate size bracelet and place your order.

Which wrist does a bracelet go on?

There are no rules, only personal preferences. Be wary of your bracelet interfering with your work. This could imply wearing it on your non-dominant hand.

Wear your bracelet on the same wrist as your watch if you want to wear it with it. If not, wear it on the opposite arm.

What exactly is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is a slender bracelet with a row of continuous stones, such as diamonds, cubic zirconia, or crystals. They’re usually set in silver or white gold and are designed to sparkle beautifully.

tennis bracelet

Where did it get this name from?

Chris Evert, the World No. 1 tennis player from 1979 to 1987, inspired the name “tennis bracelet.” As you might expect, a diamond bracelet was not a common accessory for a tennis player to wear during a match in the US Open at the time, so when Chris Evert‘s diamond bracelet fell off in the middle of the game, the name ‘tennis bracelet’ stuck and has stayed with it ever since.

How to wear a tennis bracelet

So you got a new tennis bracelet and you do not how to wear it? In our ultimate guide on how to wear bracelets, we will discuss how to wear a tennis bracelet too.

Tennis bracelets are versatile enough to be worn both on a night out on the town and on a daily basis. Because they are so comfortable, some women wear them all the time. It’s fine to wear your bracelet that frequently, but keep in mind that wearing it to sleep and in the shower can cause it to look scratched and worn.

If you intend to wear it frequently, you should consider getting one with a platinum setting because platinum is scratch resistant. If you want to do the following, it should be more scratchproof:

  • Wear It With Another Bracelet – Some people are afraid to do this because they are afraid the bracelets will scratch each other, but it looks great. Tennis bracelets with diamonds are made for beauty, durability, and versatility. They can be worn on the same wrist as other pieces and often look best when done so. You can wear your tennis bracelet with a fashion watch or stack it with other high-fashion bracelets. Wearing double bracelets on a daily basis is not recommended, but it is a great look for an evening out. They also look great with gorgeous diamond earrings, bold statement necklaces, and stunning cocktail rings.
  • Wear It With A Watch – Do you have a favorite tennis bracelet but don’t know how to wear it with your favorite watch? Maybe you just got a new watch and are wondering how to wear it with your tennis bracelet. Don’t you worry! We have you covered. This look is becoming increasingly popular. Tennis bracelets are frequently worn in conjunction with watches. The best way to wear this is with the bracelet closest to your hand and the watch slightly higher up your wrist. As a result, the bracelet can elegantly drape across your hand as you perform daily tasks or move your arms. It is entirely up to you which watch you pair with your tennis bracelet. Some people prefer a luxury watch to complement the tennis bracelet’s wealth of diamonds. If your overall style is less daring, you don’t want to match your elegant diamonds with some athletic, plastic, digital watch. It just doesn’t appear to be right. If your style is more eclectic, try more unusual pairings and see what works best, as long as you keep it balanced and out of contest, you cant go wrong.

tennis bracelet with a watch

  • Wear It By Itself – Many diamond tennis bracelet styles speak for themselves. Even for more formal occasions, they do not need to be paired with other pieces of jewelry. Tennis bracelets are extremely flattering on the wrist and hand. As a standalone piece, they add just the right amount of sparkle, sophistication, and style, and when paired with a variety of clothing, they exude elegance and beauty.

tennis bracelet solo

What to lo look for when buying a tennis bracelet

When purchasing your bracelet, keep the following points in mind. You primarily want to enHow To Wear Men’s Necklaces The Complete GuideHow To Wear Men’s Necklaces The Complete GuideHow To Wear Men’s Necklaces The Complete Guidesure that the bracelet is secure. This is especially true for tennis bracelets, which are worn by many people every day. Even if it looks great, a bracelet that looks like it will break or fall off is not worth it!

  • Safety Latch – Let’s be honest, even though Chris Evert named the tennis bracelet after hers fell off during a game, none of us want that to happen. We want the bracelet to be so strong that even a ferocious tennis match will not knock it off. As a result, the safety latch is critical. Most tennis bracelets with a clasp and a safety latch that snaps over the clasp are truly secure. Aim for both.

tennis bracelet with safety latch

  • Flexibility – How does the bracelet move on your wrist when you wear it? Is the bracelet movement more fluid, or do the links get caught awkwardly when they bend? When trying on the bracelet, move your wrist around, maybe even dance with your hands in the air. The bracelet is flexible if the way it moves feels comfortable. Because of its flexibility, it is unlikely to break.
  • Strong links The links are what keep the diamonds in place and the bracelet from falling apart, so make sure they are sturdy and can withstand some abuse

Where to find the ideal bracelet

Finding the ideal bracelet can be challenging, especially if you lack inspiration or don’t know where to look.

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