A Complete Guide to Feng Shui Coins: Meaning, Usage, and Tips

Feng Shui Coins red ribbon

Feng Shui coins are seemingly ordinary objects that can take on powerful meaning and energies in the ancient practice of Feng Shui. These Chinese coins are believed to invite wealth, prosperity and abundance when used with intention in a home or office.

This comprehensive guide will explore the history and significance of Feng Shui coins, tips for placement, and how to combine them with other symbols for amplified results.

Read on to learn how displaying these simple Feng Shui cures can enhance your environment with positive chi and fortunes.


What Are Feng Shui Coins?

Feng shui coins are Chinese coins tied together with a red ribbon or thread. These coins were once used as currency during ancient Chinese dynasties, imbuing them with strong associations to wealth and prosperity. Their round shape represents heaven, while the square center hole symbolizes earth, uniting the two forces.

feng shui coins with red ribbon

Displaying feng shui coins harnesses the positive energy of the metal element, which governs fortune and abundance in feng shui. The number of coins, placement, and positioning all have significance in directing this enhanced chi to important life areas.

History and Significance

Chinese coins have been used for centuries in feng shui as powerful symbols to attract wealth and success. Specific coins hold cultural meaning based on the dynasty they originated from, such as the Wuchu coin from the Han Dynasty or the Kang Xi coin from the Qing Dynasty.

These coins are one of the famed Eight Treasures in feng shui, along with the rhinoceros horn, book, pearl, lozenge, leaf, mirror, and stone chime. All eight treasures possess auspicious properties to enhance the energy of a space.

Coins are typically arranged in sets of three, six, or nine and strung on a red cord. The color red holds deep symbolic meaning in Chinese culture, representing vitality, protection, prosperity, and the life force energy known as chi.


Authentic vs. Replica Coins

Antique Chinese feng shui coins made of copper or bronze are considered to be the most effective, due to their origins in ancient dynasties. However, authentic coins can be expensive or difficult to find. Beautiful replicas made of metals like brass or gold make excellent substitutions. Some feng shui experts believe that intention plays a major role in imbuing these replicas with potent energies.

Optimal Locations for Feng Shui Coins

Feng shui coins work by gathering and directing chi to specific areas of your home or workplace. Follow these tips on proper placement to enhance different aspirations:

  • Entryway – Hang coins above or near the main door to invite wealth and abundance for the entire home or office.
  • Wealth Corner – Determine the wealth corner of a room by standing in the entry door and facing the farthest left corner. Place coins here to activate prosperous energy.
  • Kitchen – Above the stove is an optimal spot to stimulate prosperity in this nourishment hub of the home.
  • Office – Attach coins to the bottom of desks or cash registers in places of business to boost income and success.
  • Bedroom – Keep coins under the bed to enhance wealth opportunities while sleeping.
  • Wallet or Purse – Carry coins in your wallet or purse to attract money wherever you go.

Combine With Other Feng Shui Symbols

Chinese feng shui coins work in harmony with other meaningful symbols like the money frog, citrine crystals, bamboo, and more. For example, the three-legged frog holding a coin in its mouth is a popular feng shui cure believed to multiply wealth.

feng shui coins frog

You can find feng shui cures that artfully combine coins with other enchanted objects, drawing on the strengths of different elements. Use your intuition to select combinations that speak to you and suit your goals.

Follow Proper Feng Shui Coin Etiquette

To make the most of feng shui coins, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  • Select an auspicious number like 3, 6, or 9 coins tied together. Avoid even numbers like 2, 4, or 8.
  • Ensure coins are arranged neatly and tied together properly on their red ribbon or cord. Do not allow them to dangle loosely.
  • Check annual feng shui flying star charts to determine the most favorable coin placements each year.
  • Do not place ordinary pennies or random coins together with feng shui coins, as this dilutes their potency.
  • Avoid hanging feng shui coins in the bathroom or kitchen range hood, as these areas represent outflow of chi and money.

Feng Shui Coins for Activating Different Life Areas

In feng shui philosophy, different areas of the home or office correlate with important life aspects like career, relationships, health, etc. Strategically placing feng shui coins in specific zones can help energize and enhance those areas.

For example, display coins tied with red ribbon near the front door to activate enhanced opportunities and positive chi entering your space, or hang coins above your work desk or cash register to improve career luck and success.

Let your intuitive sense guide you to optimal coin placement for activating the key zones that need a energetic boost.

Cleansing and Activating New Feng Shui Coins

Before displaying new feng shui coins, it’s advised to cleanse them of any residual energies from their manufacturing or transit. This cleansing ritual readies the coins to absorb your positive intentions. Gently wash the tied coin sets in mild salt water, letting them air dry completely before use.

Next, hold the coins briefly in incense smoke or sage smoke to purify. Activate by gently touching each coin and focusing your mind on desires of wealth and prosperity. This imbues the coins with potency to attract fortune.

Combining Feng Shui Coins with Intention Setting

To amplify the power of your feng shui adjustments, combine thoughtful coin placement with intention setting. Perform mini rituals where you clearly state your goals, wishes and affirmations related to prosperity as you place coins in key locations, or create written intentions on paper to keep near coin displays.

This pairing of intention with action ignites a synergy that energizes your designs for abundance. Revisit and reinforce your intentions over time.

Wearing Feng Shui Coins as Jewelry

In addition to displaying in the home or office, Feng Shui coins can also be worn on one’s person as a meaningful piece of jewelry. Strung coins work beautifully as a necklace pendant, allowing their abundant energies to remain close throughout the day.


Positioning the coin pendant near the heart chakra can help manifest prosperity and fortune. As a portable cure, wearing Feng Shui coins connects you to their prosperous properties wherever you go.

Feng Shui Coins FAQ

Read on for quick answers to some frequently asked questions about feng shui coins.

What does a Chinese coin symbolize?

The round shape with a square cutout represents the harmonizing of heaven (circle) and earth (square). Coins symbolize wealth, prosperity, and good fortune due to their use as ancient currency.

How many coins are lucky in feng shui?

Using 3, 6, or 9 Chinese coins tied together is considered lucky and harmonious in feng shui. Even numbers like 2, 4, or 8 are best avoided.

Should feng shui coins touch together?

Yes, it is preferred that the coins be arranged neatly so they gently touch or overlap. Allowing coins in a set to dangle loosely can dissipate their concentrated energy.

Where is the best place to hang feng shui coins?

Recommended spots include above the front door, in the wealth corner of a room, above the kitchen stove, under the bed, and in your purse or wallet. Follow feng shui principles to determine optimal placement.

What does a Chinese coin frog symbolize?

The three-legged money frog with a coin in its mouth is a powerful feng shui cure believed to attract wealth and abundance when properly placed in your home or business.


With their rich history and concentrated energies, feng shui coins are an easy, meaningful way to enhance prosperity and abundance in your environment. Use this guide to properly harness the power of these special coins as an influential wealth cure. Displaying feng shui coins with thoughtful intention allows you to elegantly invite fortune into your life.

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